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Anti–Americanism Book Cover Anti–Americanism

by Jean-François Revel

From Publishers Weekly
In 1972, Revel shocked the world with his best-selling book, “Without Marx or Jesus,” in which he defended America against global denunciation. Thirty years later, Revel is back with the same purpose. His latest book, a bestseller in France, comes at a crucial time. It seeks to explain the root cause of the world’s and particularly Europe’s obsession with hating America. He does not pretend that America is perfect. But he argues that the daily denunciations exceed the bounds of reasonable criticism.

Furthermore, Revel says, European critics are quick to point fingers when they should be looking in the mirror. Rather than mock America’s 2000 presidential election, he notes, Europeans should have been examining their own abysmally run European Union. He attributes such inconsistencies to Europeans’ desperate desire to “project our faults onto America so as to absolve ourselves.”

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America: The Last Best Hope Volumes I & II Box Set Book Cover America: The Last Best Hope Volumes I & II Box Set

William J. Bennett reacquaints America with its heritage in two volumes of America: The Last Best Hope.

by William J. Bennett

While national test scores reveal that American students know startlingly little about their history, former U.S. Education Secretary William J. Bennett offers one of the most gripping and memorable versions of the American story in print. The two volumes of Bennett’s New York Times bestselling epic, America: The Last Best Hope, cover Columbus’s discovery of the New World in the fifteenth century to the fall of world communism in the twentieth.

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