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America—A Call To Greatness Book Cover America—A Call To Greatness

by John W. Chalfant

Can America rise to the greatness needed to restore our country? In his book, America – A Call to Greatness, John W. Chalfant, draws compelling comparisons between the lack of Christian action in our crisis world and the militant Christian faith of America’s Founding Fathers.
Chalfant establishes the fact that the spiritual and political principles of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution are rooted in the Bible, and only an action–based faith can prevail against the enemies of our God–given freedoms. This meticulously documented volume focuses on numerous contemporary political issues such as national defense, Islamic terrorism, public education and “reparations”.

The author shows how America’s freedoms are threatened through compromise and non–involvement by the clergy and Christians in general. The prevailing posture of non–resistance to overspreading evil, Chalfant asserts, springs from what he calls “Abandonment Theology.” The widespread retreat from Christian duty has opened the floodgates to atheistic, humanistic, evolutionary, and cult–based evils that undermine the founding principles of America and threaten our nation.

America—A Call to Greatness sets forth the all–important action mandates of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures that are relevant to all Christians. It advocates responsible and dynamic Christian activism to roll back the tide of destructive philosophies that are bidding for the soul of America. Only through renewed obedience to Christ and dedicated Christian application within the arena of public policy will America rise to the greatness necessary to restore and preserve the precious freedoms bequeathed to us by our founders.


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