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Anti–Americanism Book Cover Anti–Americanism

by Jean-François Revel

From Publishers Weekly
In 1972, Revel shocked the world with his best-selling book, “Without Marx or Jesus,” in which he defended America against global denunciation. Thirty years later, Revel is back with the same purpose. His latest book, a bestseller in France, comes at a crucial time. It seeks to explain the root cause of the world’s and particularly Europe’s obsession with hating America. He does not pretend that America is perfect. But he argues that the daily denunciations exceed the bounds of reasonable criticism.

Furthermore, Revel says, European critics are quick to point fingers when they should be looking in the mirror. Rather than mock America’s 2000 presidential election, he notes, Europeans should have been examining their own abysmally run European Union. He attributes such inconsistencies to Europeans’ desperate desire to “project our faults onto America so as to absolve ourselves.”

Revel further finds fault with the antiglobalization movement. Though the movement claims to oppose inequality and poverty in underdeveloped countries, its true anathema is liberal capitalism, whose chief representative is the United States. The barrage of attacks will make it impossible for the United States to confer with European officials or take any criticism seriously. It is in Europe’s interest, Revel says, to put aside its envy and consider a more constructive relationship with the United States.

As a French citizen, the author laments the sorry state of his home country; he believes that careful consideration of American principles will strengthen Europe. Revel writes with a style at once informative and incisive. He possesses a sarcastic wit that is undoubtedly as irritating to his critics as it is endearing to his supporters.


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