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Boot Camp for Your Brain Book Cover Boot Camp for Your Brain

A No-Nonsense Guide to the SAT I, Second Edition

by M. Denmark Manning

Product Description
Do you need to do better on the SAT I? Do you want to make an impression with your PSAT score? The comprehensive material in this book, honed by years of actual results, can help you significantly improve your composite score. No gimmicks, just time-tested techniques that were previously available only to students of The World’s Best Prep Course, Inc. Put them to work for you and achieve the score you need to get into the college of your choice!

About the Author
M. Denmark Manning, President of The World’s Best Prep Course, Inc. Using the methods described in this book she improved her SAT composite score by nearly 200 points, achieving 763 Verbal and 793 Math (nearly a perfect score on the old test) She has run the program since 1989, guiding a multitude of students through the rigors of the SAT with remarkable results. She has also consulted on a number of other test prep guides.


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