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Miss You, Pat Book Cover Miss You, Pat

Collected Memories of NY’s Bravest of the Brave, Captain Patrick J. Brown

by Sharon Watts

Reviews of Miss You, Pat

“What emerges from these collective memories is the portrait of an extraordinary man–a humble hero struggling to make meaning out of his existence by devoting himself body and soul to saving others.” “…I am once again inspired by Brown’s courage. And after reading Watts’ collection, I realized that I am not alone.”
–Kathryn Arnold, Yoga Journal

“Prompted by a collage tribute in Grand Central Station, Watts’ book packs an emotional punch, reminding us how many lives one man can touch.”

“Throughout Miss You, Pat, his friends and colleagues recollect his passion for firefighting and his lifelong struggle to recover from a family legacy of alcoholism and military service in Vietnam. A hero once walked among us. Miss You, Pat is his story.”
–Rachelle Nones, Hudson Valley’s Tri-County Woman


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