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Positive Living Skills Book Cover Positive Living Skills

Joy and Focus for Everyone

by Terry Orlick, Ph.D.

Positive Living Skills: Joy and Focus for Everyone is a comprehensive guide to experiencing increased joy every day. The author has developed growth techniques from a deep commitment to meet the real and urgent needs of children, youth, adults, parents, teachers, performers, and millions of people around the world who are living through very challenging times. 

Positive Living Skills are centered on creating better people, better performers, and a better world. You can begin to do this right now by teaching children and youth essential skills to enhance their own learning, performance, and positive interactions with others. 

For example, the simple act of reflecting back on highlights or special moments in your day gives you positive energy and makes you feel good about at least some of the things you did or experienced. When you reflect back on the good parts of your day, it also frees you to see or feel some of the progress or contributions you are making and helps you to be more appreciative of the positive path you are on. 


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