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Rogue Patriot Book Cover Rogue Patriot

A Clay Holt Thriller

by Gerald Meunier

Washington, DC—FBI agent, Clay Holt, thinks he has a normal life—a loving wife, two beautiful children, a great career, and a nice home—until the night his wife wakes him up with fear in her eyes. She worries that terrorists will cross the Mexico border to attack DC and insists that they move elsewhere for their children’s safety. The next day, she is killed by an illegal. Blaming politicians for her death, Clay tells his partner that he can no longer “live a lie” working for the government.

His wife’s fears prove to be well-founded. Iran sends Islamic extremist, Assim Badaseri, to America via Mexico with a plan to detonate a dirty bomb in Washington. Badaseri is sworn to kill any infidel who discovers his presence here.

Clay is determined to fulfill the deathbed promise made to his wife to protect their children. But, while visiting his parents in Colorado for Christmas, fate steers him into the path of Badaseri. The Iranian thinks he’s been discovered. He tries but fails to kill Clay, who escapes and returns to Washington unaware of what he’s up against. After another failed attempt, this time at Clay’s house, Badaseri kidnaps his children to keep him quiet.

Haunted by his wife’s death and facing the loss of his children, Clay overcomes his contempt for the government and asks his former boss for help. If he does not find Badaseri before he attacks Washington, his children will die.

As two different women love Clay amidst the heart-pounding action, Meunier unleashes a high-voltage portrayal of secretive mosques, ruthless Islamic justice, and suicide bombers at NFL playoff games—all against a backdrop of human trafficking and illegal immigration.

For anyone concerned about the porous Mexico border, Gerald Meunier delivers a scathing indictment of Washington politics and politicians. ROGUE PATRIOT shows how the government's failure to secure the border can have devastating consequences for any patriotic American…and EVERYONE close to him (or her).


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