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The Day the Towers Fell Book Cover The Day the Towers Fell

by Maureen Crethan Santora
Illustrated by Patricia Santora Cardona


“The Day the Towers Fell” was written to help explain what happened on September 11, 2001. The goal of the book is to explain what the results of hatred look like.

Each year children hear about September 11, 2001 on the radio and the news. This book tries to explain the horrors of the day in a less graphic way. It was written with love by a teacher who spent 27 years in the NYC public schools as an early childhood educator. She lost her son on that fateful day, and wanted to help children understand not only what happened but also to explain the effects of hatred.

Parents will have the opportunity to discuss this hatred. They have the opportunity to discuss what happens when we hate groups of individuals for their nationality.

With questions comes learning, and with learning comes understanding. So we hope that the questions will help lead our children to grow up to be young men and women—future voters too—who make decisions based upon facts and not pre–determined opinions. We hope that parents will be a part of helping their children to learn tolerance and understanding of the many ethnic groups that make America the wonderful place it is. We hope you find “The Day the Towers Fell” to be an important book for your family.


When I first wrote “The Day the Towers Fell” I wanted little students to learn about one of the most horrible days in American History. There were so many lessons to be learned. I wanted students to learn—in a controlled way—about hatred. I wanted them to learn some facts about what actually happened. I wanted discussions to take place in the classrooms across America which included tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. Learning about different cultures enrich us all. There are so many possibilities.

Most of all I wanted educators to have a book in hand that would bring about these important discussions. And it goes without saying that I also wanted all of us never to forget that fateful day which affected me personally. 9/11 is the day that I lost my 23 year old son, Christopher, and things will never be the same for me. I hope you find “The Day the Towers Fell” to be an important book for your classroom.

All of the book's profits will go to my son's scholarship fund. This fund provides scholarships to students to further their education and it also provides educational materials to schools.

I am interested in your input.

If you wish to comment on the reactions of your children or students please don't hesitate to do so. I look forward to reading your responses. You can submit your comments here.

— Maureen Santora

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