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The Heritage Guide to the Constitution Book Cover The Heritage Guide to the Constitution

by Edwin Meese

“The Constitution,” pledged George Washington, “is the guide which I will never abandon.” Can we say the same today?

With the leadership of former Attorney General Edwin Meese, and in conjunction with the nation’s preeminent think tank—The Heritage Foundation—The Heritage Guide to the Constitution brings together more than one hundred of the nation’s best legal experts to provide the first ever line-by-line examination of the of the complete Constitution and its contemporary meaning.

Stressing the original intent of the Framers as the authoritative standard of constitutional interpretation, and never straying from the Constitution and the definitive writings of the Framers—especially the invaluable notes taken at the Constitutional Convention by James Madison, the widely recognized analysis in The Federalist Papers, and Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story’s 1833 classic Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States—this volume is unique, comprehensive, and authoritative.

Edited by David Forte and Matthew Spalding, The Heritage Guide to the Constitution is written not only to provide lawmakers and trained jurists with a reliable reference, but also to be explanatory, educational, and accessible to informed citizens and all students of the Constitution.

No document is more central or more important to securing “the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” than the United States Constitution, and no guide to the Constitution is more thorough, more enlightening, or more useful than The Heritage Guide to the Constitution.


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