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2015 Man of the Year

Sal Cassano, FDNY Commissioner (Ret)

2015 Man of the Year

Commissioner Salvatore Cassano has known Al for a very long time. Both worked in the FDNY. Although they never worked in the same firehouse, their paths crossed over the 40+ years that they were both in the department.

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2014 Man of the Year

Congressman Peter King

2014 Man of the Year

We cannot think of a better person to honor as our Man of the Year than Congressman Peter King. He has proved many times that he is a friend not only of the 9/11 families but a friend of the military and a friend who has vowed to keep America as safe as it can be. He is clear speaking and vocal about things that he believes will harm America. His message is always the same. In America we fight for freedom. In America we prosecute those who would deny a fellow American their right to freedom.

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2013 Men of the Year

John “Jack” Joyce • Richard Salem, Esq.

We are honoring these two men because they have kept the memory of Sept 11, 2001 alive with their actions and their determination that justice must be served. We stand with them. We help when we can but the truth is that without their vigilance we would be lost. Thank you Richard Salem and Jack Joyce. You are our heroes. Some day we will be successful. Until then we hope you stick with us in our quest. Justice must be served in order for healing to be accomplished. We are very grateful for all that you have done and continue to do for us. The very best of humanity came forward after September 11, 2001. Both Jack and Richard are the very best of what caring, loving human beings can do to help those in need. We love you both!

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2012 Man of the Year

Glenn Corbett

2012 Man of the Year

We could go on for many pages listing Glenn’s contribution to the Fire Services across the USA but we are honoring him this year because of his service and assistance whenever asked in our many “battles” regarding the numerous injustices that have occurred to families since Sept. 11, 2001. If we needed documentation, Glenn provided it. If we needed support, Glenn supported us. He stood next to us at many rallies, memorials, conflicts, discussions, arguments with not only politicians but the planners of the Memorial and the still unfinished Museum.

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2011 Woman of the Year

Sally Regenhard

2011 Woman of the Year

Sally Regenhard has been our friend since November 2001. We attended her son’s funeral. Christian Regenhard was in Christopher’s probationary class. The two graduated together. She like many other parents and siblings and wives and husbands are part of our special gifts. We would never have met them except for the fact that our loved ones died on September 11, 2001.


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