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2011 Woman of the Year

Sally Regenhard

2011 Woman of the Year

Sally Regenhard has been our friend since November 2001. We attended her son’s funeral. Christian Regenhard was in Christopher’s probationary class. The two graduated together. She like many other parents and siblings and wives and husbands are part of our special gifts. We would never have met them except for the fact that our loved ones died on September 11, 2001.

In the “early” days Sally fought against any re building that did not include safety procedures and the NYC building code being adhered to.

She was outspoken and vocal and because we were also outspoken and vocal we connected with each other.

We have spent the past almost 10 years fighting such causes as the human remains in the Fresh Kills garbage dump in Staten Island and the current issue of the Memorial Museum temporarily housing the unidentified human remains on the basement floor (7 stories down) in the museum. We have fought for the firefighters to receive radios that will work in the future if another attack occurs. Currently this issues is still unresolved. We marched together against Rudolph Giuliani in his fight for the Republican nomination for President. We felt that here was someone who had benefited immensely from this tragic event and is responsible for the radios not working and for the rescue workers becoming so ill and dying because they were not given respirators until November. We have spoken out against many issues at the memorial and the memorial museum. We wanted those who had rank and title to be honored. Currently no one in the military or in the fire service or police service will have their rank and title listed on the memorial wall.

Sally continues to fight and make her presence known. She has fought tirelessly to make sure that all who have died are never forgotten. She is vocal and we have supported and joined her fight on so many issues. She has been our rock when we want to quit. Sally will never quit. She is a fighter and because of her we are all more informed and better able to correct the many wrongs that still are occurring at Ground Zero.

We are so honored to have her in our lives. She had kept the 9/11 issues in our thoughts and minds each and every day. On this 10th anniversary we are so delighted to finally honor our dear friend and “partner in crime” Sally Regenhard. Congratulations Sally on being our 2011 Woman of the Year. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

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