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2014 Man of the Year

Congressman Peter King

2014 Man of the Year

Congressman Peter King is a member of the Homeland Security Committee and the Chairman of the sub Committee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence. He is also a member of the Financial Services Committee and serves as Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. For many years he has been a strong supporter of the war against international terrorism both here in America and abroad.

Peter King has been a friend to the 9/11 families for the past 12+ years.

In the 2nd Congressional district of New York many families lost loved ones. Congressman King met with them and helped them in the early days. He not only supported the people in his district but he helped many who called him for support and assistance. In those early days the families needed guidance and assistance. Congressman King provided that to anyone who asked.

Several times we visited him with issues regarding human remains, security in our ports and harbors as well as airports. Peter King worked hard to improve that security.

We went to Washington DC when Congressman King held the hearings on Homeland Security. We witnessed his peers criticizing his efforts to have those of the Muslim faith become involved in ensuring that any in their number who were dedicated to harm America were identified. We listened to Imans and educators who declared that the Muslim community needed to be in charge of their own. Peter King wanted them to step up. We wanted them to step up. We applauded this special session.

What separates Peter King from may of his colleagues are his listening skills.

He is rational and sympathetic at the same time. He makes people feel that he will help and will follow through. He does and he has in the past 12+ years that we have been involved with 9/11 issues. Peter is a man of his word.

We cannot think of a better person to honor as our Man of the Year than Congressman Peter King. He has proved many times that he is a friend not only of the 9/11 families but a friend of the military and a friend who has vowed to keep America as safe as it can be. He is clear speaking and vocal about things that he believes will harm America. His message is always the same. In America we fight for freedom. In America we prosecute those who would deny a fellow American their right to freedom. Congratulations Peter. You have been our friend and supporter to everyone for a long time. We want everyone to know that you have helped us and supported us and made America stronger. We are proud to say we know you.

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