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2015 Guardian Angel Award

John Gleeson

Posted on June 12th, 2015
2015 Guardian Angel Award

This year our Guardian Angel Award is being presented to someone who has helped the Christopher A. Santora Educational Scholarship Fund flourish. John Gleeson has been our friend and financial advisor for over 10 years. With his expertise, our Foundation is solvent. We have been able to continue our scholarship fund because of John’s great ability to advise us and guide us and make money for us!

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2014 Guardian Angel Award

Jennifer Santora, Patricia Santora Cardona & Kathleen Santora

Posted on June 11th, 2014

This year we honor three very special people in our lives. They have supported us for the past 13 years: Jennifer Santora, Patricia Santora Cardona and Kathleen Santora, our daughters!

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Remembering 9/11

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Posted on September 11th, 2013

Each day for the past 12 years Al and I have remembered September 11, 2001 as the saddest day of our lives. On that hate filled day our only son Christopher was murdered. He was one of 2,974 people who died that day. He was our only boy. He will be forever be remembered by us.

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2013 Guardian Angel Award

Miss Michelle Koutsoubelis

Posted on June 14th, 2013

Guardian Angels are special beings that watch over you. They ensure that everything is right. Each year we honor people who have supported our organization in a special way and have helped us continue our mission of giving students that hope that they can fulfill their dreams.

This year we are honoring a very special woman who has contributed to our efforts consistently, year in, year out. Our 2013 Guardian Angel is Miss Michelle Koutsoubelis.

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2012 Guardian Angel Awards

Posted on June 8th, 2012

Guardian Angels are special beings that watch over you. They ensure that everything is right. Each year we honor people who have supported our organization in a special way and have helped us continue our mission of giving students that hope that they can fulfill their dreams.

This year we are honoring 3 special women who we have wanted to honor for a long time. Each year they have refused. We told them that this was the year. So it is with great pleasure that we honor our special friends and extended family members Illona Ahlgren, Alice Lee and Sheila Morris.

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Military Tribunal of Majid Shoukat Khan

USS COLE and 9/11 Conspirator receives 19–25 years for his role as an Al Qaeda operative.

Posted on March 8th, 2012

Dear USS COLE and 9/11 Families,

We write to update you on a recently concluded proceeding in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in United States v. Majid Shoukat Khan.

On February 13, 2012, Majid Shoukat Khan was charged in a Military Commission with five violations of the Law of War; Charge I: Conspiracy to Commit Murder in Violation of the Law of War, Providing Material Support for Terrorism and Spying; Charge II: Murder in Violation of the Law of War; Charge III: Attempted Murder in Violation of the Law of War; Charge IV: Providing Material Support for Terrorism; and Charge V: Spying. On February 15, 2012, the case was referred to a military commission as a non-capital case.

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Interview with Maureen and Al on the death of bin Laden

Posted on August 27th, 2011

Maureen and Al shared their thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden with the Al Jazeera network.

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A Special Book Recommendation

We thought that Christopher would have loved this book!

Posted on June 27th, 2011
A Special Book Recommendation

I met Gerald Meunier at a recent book publishing summit I attended to promote my books. He has written a wonderful book that I believe Christopher would have loved. I would like to recommend it to all of the site visitors as a great read. Please take a look at the book synopsis here. We think you’ll like it too!

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Maureen & Al with Shepard Smith

Discuss 9/11 Families Meeting with Pres. Obama

Posted on May 5th, 2011

Click through to view the complete video.

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New Video: Sacrificed Survivors: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mosque

Posted on November 6th, 2010

A new video purports to shed light on the motives behind the proposed mega-mosque planned by the Cordoba Initiative for construction near the site of Ground Zero.

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No Mosque at Ground Zero

Is it possible to be astonished, but not surprised?

Posted on August 16th, 2010

Video from Pat Condell, British comedian, on the Ground Zero mosque controversy. Except he’s not being funny, he’s being very, very serious. It’s worth your 6 minutes. Trust us.

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What’s Up With That?

Posted on January 24th, 2010

Early in January the Huffington Post reported on International Living’s 30th annual “Quality of Life Index.” France ranked #1 and the image used as that country’s national symbol was, of course, the Eiffel Tower. The United States placed seventh and symbolizing us wasn’t the US Capitol or the Empire State Building; it was the missing World Trade Center…

It would be hard to imagine a worse message to send the world than a 1776-foot tombstone and the “largest manmade falls in North America” — whose roar will recall the horrifying sound of crumbling towers — instead of the simple, stirring memorial that belongs there. They might as well include a neon sign flashing “Second-Class Country.” A headline about a mock-up of the morbid memorial falls in the 1/23/10 New York Post read: “9/11 shrine’s cascade of grief begins flowing!” Who thinks we’ve become the kind of country that enshrines grief? Whose doing is that? Not the people’s — that’s for sure.

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Rebels With a Cause

Group Seeks to Ensure Rank and Title Appear with Names of 9/11 Responders

Posted on September 13th, 2009
Rebels With a Cause

Mayor Bloomberg, along with the 9/11 Memorial Planning Board, have long proposed that the Ranks and Titles of First Responders be stripped from the Memorial, and that they not be grouped separately as FDNY or PAPD or NYPD, etc. Rather, they would have the Rank-less and Title-less First Responder names be mixed amongst those of all of the deceased, so as not to “single them out” for extraordinary notice.

Please support the group ”911 Rank-Title Matter For All” in any way you can.

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