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2014 Guardian Angel Award

Jennifer Santora, Patricia Santora Cardona & Kathleen Santora

Posted on June 11th, 2014   

This year we honor three very special people in our lives. They have supported us for the past 13 years.

When Kathleen was in the military after 9/11, she still managed to judge our essays. She found soldiers to help out as well. She has been the announcer for the raffle for a long time.

Patricia has been one of our backbones. She helps to decorate and solicit gifts. She takes the pictures and with her husband—who was honored early on—helps us with the set-up and take-down after the Dinner Dance is over. Patricia always has our back!

Jennifer helps us sell our mementos—our shirts, hats, pins and anything else that we sell with our dear friends Ilona, Alice and Sheila, whom we honored a couple of years ago. Jennifer also sells the raffles for our gifts and the 50-50 with Michelle, whom we honored last year. Anything we ask of her, she does.

All of these special people have helped us for so long. We do not know how we could manage without them. All have resisted being honored. So this year we did not tell them. Jennifer, Patricia and Kathleen are the loves of our lives. They are Christopher’s sisters. We have been through so very much together. We are still together in spite of the most difficult of times.

We are so joyous to thank them officially and give them the 2014 Guardian Angel Award for their love, assistance whenever we asked, assistance when we needed it and did not ask and for helping us continue this Scholarship Fund.

We are very proud of them and their accomplishments. We adore their children. We cannot imagine our lives without them. Congratulations girls! This "thank you" is long–overdue. We love you and we know that you will help us until the end.

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