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2015 Guardian Angel Award

John Gleeson

Posted on June 12th, 2015   
2015 Guardian Angel Award

This year our Guardian Angel Award is being presented to someone who has helped the Christopher A. Santora Educational Scholarship Fund flourish. John Gleeson has been our friend and financial advisor for over 10 years. With his expertise, our Foundation is solvent. We have been able to continue our scholarship fund because of John’s great ability to advise us and guide us and make money for us!

As most people know, after 9/11/01 we received some money from the Federal Government. Neither Al nor I wanted this money. This money would not bring back our dear son. We wanted him! We decided in the first months after September 11, 2001 that the best way we could honor Christopher was to give scholarships in his name. Christopher was an academic at heart. He never wanted people to know this about him, but he was. He loved American History, he was passionate about current events, and he read the papers every day. He was opinionated and vocal. We knew what kind of scholarship we had to create.

John helped us set up our organization. He helped us secure our 501c3 status. He has directed us with great success for a long time, and we are so very grateful to him for all he has done.

When we first met John, he was not married. He did not have children. He now has a beautiful wife Selena and two beautiful girls. You will see them dancing with joy in their hearts tonight.

Thank you, John, for all you have done for us. We are so very pleased to honor you as the 2015 Christopher A. Santora Guardian Angel. You have been one of our special angels for a long time. We love you!


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