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Amna Kazi:
2006 Winner
I.S. 10

Amna Kazi

Winning Essay

In the United States the highest elected official is the President of the United States of America. The president has many powers. When a president is elected, citizens choose the particular candidate for many reasons. Citizens try to pick the best person who has important qualities to guide the nation.

There are many qualities that a good president should have. A good leader is recognized for leadership, courage, honor, intelligence, and strength. Leadership is important because a president should be capable to lead a society into prosperity. Presidents need to be brave and determined to be able to make difficult decisions, that’s where courage comes in. Honor stems from a person’s religious beliefs and his outlook on life. A president should have self–respect and the respect for society. Another important quality is intelligence. Intelligence is important because a president should be able to know what to do in times of danger. He should be quick–minded, but not impulsive. Another important quality is strength. A president should be able to summon forth inner strength and determination when his society needs his guidance. These are the five most important qualities a president should have.

There are certain qualities that a president shouldn’t have. A president should not be hateful, prejudiced or greedy. If a president holds any of these qualities, then the welfare of the nation can be at stake. If a president is hateful he would go to war and jeopardize people’s lives. Prejudice is a dangerous quality because if one judges some one based on their race, ethnicity etc. then they are just as guilty as the evil doers or the tyrants of the past.The final quality is greed. Often greed leads a president to do things that are against American values. A president should never sacrifice his honor and self-respect for the sake of power.

In conclusion, every president should have the good qualities and not the bad. These qualities are needed in a president in order for the country to grow stronger and prosper.


Hello. My name is Amna. I am an average Junior High School student with high expectations in life. My hobbies are playing sports, listening to music, and trying to make the most out of life.

I would like to achieve many things in life. My dream is to one day be a forensic scientist. Other than this, the smaller details of my life are completely similar to those of the millions of fourteen–year–olds worldwide. However, there is one quote that I abide by: “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

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