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Androniqi Kurtezi:
2009 Winner
I.S. 141

Androniqi Kurtezi

Winning Essay

Historic Election

“Nevada has just voted for Senator Barack Obama and the scores are 301, Barack Obama, and 167, Senator John McCain. We are still waiting for the scores of Hawaii, Alaska, and California . Only a few minutes until the booths close in those three states and we will soon know who will be the next president of the United States. We will find out the results after these commercials.” Millions of Americans were watching the news, anxious to see who our next president would be. Anticipation was moving through our veins as we waited for the results. “The booths have finally closed and here are the results of the three remaining states. Let’s see Hawaii,” the score board next to the newscaster turned Hawaii blue, meaning Barack Obama received the votes from Hawaii. “Congratulations Barack Obama. Let’s see Alaska……. and Alaska goes to Senator McCain. Now it’s up to California. Bill, please show us the votes. California goes to ………… Senator Barack Obama making him the 44th President of the United States.”

The election of President Barack Obama has changed the way we think of possibilities. Who knew that after so many years of fighting we would one day share this illustrious day in history? America has been energized towards this presidential election for many reasons. President Barack Obama made history on November 4, 2008 as officially becoming the first African American President of the United States. Nearly 60 years ago, segregation still existed and the election of an African American president shows us how much our country has progressed against racism throughout the years.

Since we have had a Republican as president for eight years, not everybody is affected the same way by the ideas given. President Barack Obama is a democrat who knows what is right for the people because his ideas appeal to middle and lower class Americans. Democrats mostly make up the United States, where as Republicans mostly appeal to upper class Americans.

Another reason why the country has been so energized towards an election of a President is because of the downfall in the economy. Our country has been facing several issues that effect the economy, which also effect the way we live our lives. Our homes, jobs, and incomes all depend on the way the government and the president run the country. We need a president that has new and original ideas that will help get the economy and country back on track.

Change is what most people are looking forward to in the 21st century. After having George W. Bush as president for eight years the country needs a set of ideas. President Barack Obama is an educated person who has years of experience when it comes to responsibility and knowing how to carry a heavy weight on his shoulders. Whether it’s sending troops back home from Iraq or trying to improve the immigration system by improving the border system and turning some illegal immigrants to American citizens, President Barack Obama has ideas and plans for each issue that will affect many people’s lives.

This has absolutely been a election like no other and we are here to experience a historic moment in history. When our country voted, we voted for someone who we believe can help us through the hard times and solving our economic crisis is only the beginning. We as Americans look forward to the steps President Barack Obama will take to leading our country into the 21st century and beyond.


We would like to wish Androniqi Kurtezi the best of luck moving on to Townsend Harris High School. Congratulations!

I am Androniqi Kurtezi, a 13 year old girl, currently attending IS141 Steinway in 8th grade. This is my last year at IS141 and next year I will attend school at Townsend Harris. I have a sister named Helena Kurtezi, who currently attends school at PS.85. She will attend IS141 Steinway next year. She is a very talented artist, dancer, and actress. We hope to one day create a book together.

My whole family moved from Greece when I was 5, but my origin is Albanian. My sister and I were born in a small island in Greece called Rhodos. Even though I am a foreigner, I am an American at heart.

To me a dream says a million words and to get to a million you have to start at a thousand. A dream that I am currently building up involves writing. Writing has been a hobby of mine since the third grade and I am especially passionate about poetry. In 2005, I entered a contest, containing poems that students have written and my poem A Special Grandma” was part of the Young American Poetry Digest book. A hobby that I have been actively pursuing for years is dancing. I have been doing ballet, jazz, and modern dance for nearly 6 years now. Dancing has always been a way for me to express myself, along with writing. It is a hobby that I plan to continue for many more years. Another hobby that I am currently pursuing is acting. I take acting classes at John Robert Powers and hope that one day acting may also be a part of my life.

My goal for the future is to get into a reputable college and some day be a known doctor and author; with the help of this program I am one step closer to my dream.

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