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Angelica Rivera:
2007 Winner
P.S. 122

Angelica Rivera

Winning Essay

One specific suggestion I would make to help our elected officials make thoughtful, informed and fair decisions that benefit America would be to open a web site.

By opening a free web site Americans could go online and let their opinions be known to the officials. Precise questions related to the issue could be listed and we could answer them. This would be like voting on issues without having a formal election with voting machines. I believe many more people would respond because they wouldn’t have to leave their houses to give their opinion. Also, most people are on a computer at sometime of the day, so it would be easy for them to give their views.

Another suggestions I would make would be to send out a type of form the public could fill out and return with their personal views. This too would take little effort on the public’s part so most people would respond.

My third suggestion for our elected officials to make thoughtful, informed and fair decisions to benefit Americas would be to send out organized groups to interview the public. These representatives for the officials could go door to door and discuss issues with the public and record their votes. By meeting with people in person they would get a better idea of how strong an opinion they have on the issue by the way they express themselves. By collecting the public’s personal opinions the officials would be able to make decisions that are fair and beneficial to America.

I do not believe lobbyists should be able to influence our elected officials. I do not think it is fair that if a particular group has a lot of money that they should get what they want. Our country has always worked on majority ruling and that is how I believe it should be. An issue should not be decided on by seeing which way it would benefit the most people, not by how much money a group has to contribute to an official to influence his vote. Many issues, such as education, involve children who are not allowed to vote.


My name is Angelica Rivera and I was brought into this world on August 14, 1996. I am now ten years old, in the fifth grade at P.S. 122, and will be graduating this June. In September I will be on my way to Junior high School.

I have four brothers and no sisters, so I am a PRINCESS and the only one with her own room. One of my brothers is older than me and the other three are younger, of which one lives in heaven. I come from a very big family with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. I feel very blessed that my grandparents are alive on both sides of my family. We are all very close and see each other often except my potential great grandmother who lives in Costa Rica. I never get to see her.

Shopping is my favorite addiction and I love the movies. I am also very into sports. I play for two softball teams. ICYP and CYO and am on a cheerleading team at St. Francis of Assisi. I enjoy all outdoor activities like bike riding, roller skating swimming running and walking. I live right across the street from Astoria park and I love walking in the park and along the water watching the boats go by. As for the indoor sports I enjoy bowling, roller skating and ice skating. Also this year we have been practicing ball room dancing and I love it !

Right now my goal is to do the best in school and get a good education and hopefully earn a scholarship for a good college. Presently I am interested in becoming a teacher of first or second grade children.

I am really exited and honored about winning this essay contest. I worked very hard on this essay and it pays off. Thank you for choosing my essay as one of the winning essays. My family is very proud of me and that makes me feel wonderful. I have a very loving family that offers me great encouragement in everything I try to do.

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