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Anson Wu:
2010 Winner
P.S. 2

Anson Wu

Winning Essay

I believe Guantanamo Bay should be open. It saves lives. It saves money and time. It will not embarrass the United States.

This detention camp saves lives. It saves lives by forcing the terrorist to tell information on the attacks. It will also give a lesser chance for the U.S. to lose against the terrorists. The more terrorists found guilty the fewer terrorists will return to attack our country, like the 9-11 attack in New York City.

The detention camp saves money. Obama wants the terrorists to be trialed as citizens who did something wrong. United States will have to pay a lot of money to do this. (Warning: Tax! Tax! More tax!) In a detention camp, they do military trial. A military trial will cost less and it is quicker because there are no stages.  In a normal United States trial, it takes a long time because it takes many stages. People estimate it may take more than ten years for all the prisoners to be trialed. That is too long! I may be in college now for the result.

United States will be embarrassed if Obama closes Guantanamo Bay, the terrorists may think they have won the war thus encourage them coming to the United States.  It also sends the wrong message to the world that our country is not strong enough to handle terrorists.

After the military trial, the terrorists should be kept in the camp if they are guilty. If they are not guilty, they should be sent back to their own country. The government should open Camp X-Ray for more space for terrorists and they should be kept there until peace is found.

In conclusion, the terrorists should be kept and trialed in the camp. This will save many lives, time, money, and make our country safe and strong.


My name is Anson Wu. I am ten years old. I was born in Manhasset, Long Island. I am the only child in the family. I grow up under the loving care of my grandparents. I am currently attending fifth grade at P.S.2. Many of the teachers there provide me with the knowledge and care that I will never forget. Because both of my parents work, I go to Hanac for an after school program. This is where I finish my home work and have the most fun playing games with my friends. Lately, I have heard that the Hanac program may be cancelled in the next school year. If this is true, I am sure that this will be a big problem for many parents. I hope that the school will find a way to raise money to continue this program.

My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. I enjoy reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympia series books. I have read all the Harry Potter stories. During the weekends, I am taking Piano lessons and Chinese classes.

I like many sports including biking, swimming, basketball and karate. Currently, I am playing in the Elmjack Little League’s Express Team. In the winter, I like to go skiing with my parents. During summer, we enjoy fishing and going to water parks.

When I grow up, I want to be a banker to rebuild the economy. I feel very sad about the current bad economy. Many parents have lost their jobs and are having financial problems.

My parents, uncle and teacher help me a lot with my homework. My mom always tells me to study and work hard for this competitive world. I want to get good grades so that I can go to a good college.

It’s a great honor to receive the Christopher Santora Educational Scholarship and I thank you very much.

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