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Deanna Cipollone:
2005 Winner
P.S. 122

Deanna Cipollone

Winning Essay

My essay is about democracy. I will define democracy. I will discuss the two most important parts of a democracy. I will also discuss some of the responsibilities of the citizens living in a democracy.

A democracy is a form of government. In a democracy the citizens elect the most responsible of their fellow citizens to represent them in making decisions about law and other matters. I think a democracy is a good form of government because the people have a say in the way their country is run. They choose the representatives and if the representatives they choose do not do a good job they can vote them out.

The most important parts of a democracy are equality and freedom. Equality means that the people in a democracy have equal rights no matter what race, religion or gender they are. Black, white, male, female, Christian or Jewish, we all live together in the same country so we should all have an equal say in how it is run. People who live in a democracy have freedom of speech, religion and press. Diverse people do not think the same so we have the right to believe what we want. We can say what we want. We can print what we want as long as it is the truth.

Citizens who live in a democracy have responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is to vote. This is important to make sure that the person you believe will do the best job for the country is elected. I’ve noticed in recent elections the results of the voting have been very close. This is why every citizen in a democracy should take their responsibility of voting seriously. Every vote counts!

Another responsibility of citizens in a democracy is to contribute to the welfare of their country. We can do this by paying taxes and helping people in need. Another way is by serving in the military. This is a very important way to contribute to the welfare of the country. The military keeps the country safe so it can stay a democracy. We can also serve in the government.

One more responsibility of citizens is to serve on juries. It is necessary for citizens to serve on juries because when someone is accused of committing a crime, he has the right to a trial. In the trial he is proven innocent or guilty by we the people.

I am happy and proud to be an American. In this country we have many rights. In other countries they do not have the rights that we have. For Example, in other countries they cannot practice their own religion and they don’t have the right to equal education for all. They can’t vote. They do not have freedom of speech or press. It is not fair when people do not have these rights. That’s what makes me so proud, because in America we are free to do what we want as long as we don’t break the law.

In conclusion, America is a great country. It has a democratic form of government. This means we have a say in our government. We have freedom of speech, press and religion. We have equal rights. We also have responsibilities as citizens. I love this country because of what it stands for.


My name is Deanna Cipollone. I am a 10 year old girl. I was born on September 3, 1994. I’m in the 5th grade at P.S. 122 in Queens. My favorite sport is karate. I take karate lessons at Loupakis Karate School. I also love to draw.

I am currently attending P.S. 122 in Queens. I will be graduating in June. Next year I would like to attend Louis Armstrong Junior High School. I don’t know if I will be accepted. If I am not accepted at Louis Armstrong, I will be attending I.S. 141.

My favorite sport is karate. I take lessons in the Korean version of Tae Kwon Do called Hypkido. My belt is green keub. My master says I am very good. I like to compete in karate tournaments.

I love to draw. I spend most of my free time drawing. My favorite thing to draw is cartoon characters. I also like to draw animals and scenery. Whichever school I go to for junior high school, I hope there is an art program available.

I would like to continue with karate until I am a 10th degree black belt. It will take a long time to get to that belt. Probably not until I grow up. When it is time to go to high school, I would like to go to the High School of Art and Design to learn more about drawing. I plan to keep karate as my hobby and plan to build a career with my artistic talent.

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