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Eden Lefebvre:
2012 Winner
P.S. 2

Eden Lefebvre

Winning Essay

The Wall Street movement began on September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, Manhattan, New York. I believe that the protesters are a mix of people who aren’t very sure what they are protesting about. I cannot agree with a movement that I find confusing and that can’t agree on common views. I am, however, unhappy with the direction that our country is going in. Too many people expect things. The United States has lost the great American work ethic it once had. People are happy to collect unemployment checks, disability checks and welfare checks before going out and applying for work. Instead of complaining about how hard the life of the working class is, they should prioritize. Hard work is a virtue and also a necessity. We are the working class for a reason. Life isn’t fair, but so long as you are getting by there should be no reason to complain. People all over the world have it worse than the 99% and they aren’t complaining about it. They are trying to work through their hardships. I understand that the Occupy Movement is seeking “fairness” but what I really think they want is more money. I believe that they are jealous of the rich, because they are handed things they don’t have to work for.

In order to fix the problem, American’s need to learn that complaining isn’t going to change anything. The only thing that will bring about change is action. Once the 99% leads by example the rest of the world will follow. We need to work for our food and shelter. We need better screening processes for welfare recipients. My family has worked hard for generations. I’ve come from farmers, clerical workers and nurses, all laboring jobs that are not easy to do. My family is a lower middleclass family. We live comfortably and we will continue to work hard without taking any handouts and we are not complaining.


My name is Eden Sky Lefebvre.  I’m 11 years old. I was born on January 5, 2001 in Queens, New York. I attend P.S.2 Queens in Jackson Heights.  I’m in 5th grade and my teachers are Mrs.Esquierdo and Ms.Faraci.  I had Ms. Faraci as my Literacy Through Art teacher in 4th grade. I had Mrs.Esquierdo as my 1th grade teacher.

My best friends are Lena, Giselle, Ivan, Viviana, Nevine, Amna, Andrea, and Kaitlin.  I hang out with them during lunch because that is when we get to talk without getting into trouble.  Not that I get into much trouble at school. I am actually one of the quietest in my class. My friends always tell me to talk louder because I talk very low.

At home I live with my mom, Jennifer, my sister, Amber, my brother, Dylan and my three cats.  I am also very close to my grandmother, Nelly (Mama), my grandfather, John (Papa), my aunt, Caroline (Cala) and my aunt, Jessica (Pica).

My hobbies are playing with my very close friends, Katie and Mia.  We play tag, hula hoop, and soccer.  I also like to roller skate and ice skate.  But ice skating is a little hard. I love to listen to music while writing.  I listen to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.  I also like to watch movies.  One of my favorites is the Hunger Games. I like to write so much that even when our teachers tell us to stop I keep writing no matter what they say.

When I grow up I want to be a writer and a photographer. I want all my books to have my photos in them. But if my dream doesn’t work out I could always be something else. I have a lot of time to choose what I can do when I’m older.

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