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Gabriella Skouros:
2011 Winner
P.S. 2

Gabriella Skouros

Winning Essay

Change to me means something that is different from the ordinary. Sometimes change takes you out of your usual routine. An example of what I mean is if you are used to eating meatloaf on Friday and you come home and there is pizza that is a good change. Now if something bad happens that is an obvious bad change in your routine.

Did Obama make changes since he became president? Many people have different opinions of this. There is some that agree and some that disagree. I believe that he did make changes. Whether they were good changes or not, change has been made.

The first change, and I think, a good change is bringing home the troops. This change to me is important because many families have been affected by this. Many dads missed their children growing up. Many moms also have missed a lot from their families. Many of them, unfortunately, did not make it back and sadly they won't see their families. Hopefully the ones that are due to come back in July make it home safe and sound. These men and women protect us by putting their lives in danger everyday. They are away from their loved ones and miss their homes and families to do this. I am glad Mr. Obama made this change and decided to bring them home. I'm sure if my dad or mom or anyone close to was a soldier I would want them home safe with me and all my family.

Second change that Obama made that again I think is a good one is the financial assistance for people that want to go back to school. Education has always been important. My mom and dad always tell me that i have to study and do well in school. in my mind I know that will go to college. Some people may also had this idea but not the opportunity to do it when the were young. Maybe they had to work to take care of their families and going to school was something extra that they had to pay for. Now with this assistance it will make it easier for someone that wants to return to school to do it. They will have an opportunity to get better jobs and get better pay to support their families.

Obama, to me, has made changes. I chose these two changes to write about because I feel, as a kid, I can understand how these people feel. I love having my parents home with me so I want the kids of soldiers to feel like I do. Both my parents were lucky enough to go to college and hopefully I will be able to also, so I want the people that didn't get the opportunity to be able to get a second chance and make their dreams of finishing college come true. I think these changes will make a difference in peoples lives.


My name is Gabriella Skouros. I will be 11 years old in August. I am a 5th grader at Public School 2 in Queens.I have a twin sister named Marina and a younger sister named Eleni. It has been been a great year for me so far. The first reason is because I was elected Vice President and the second but most honoring was winning the Christopher A. Santora scholarship award. I can say my last year at P.S. 2 will be most memorable.

I am a pretty good student. My favorite subjects are math, art, literacy through art, computers and physical education. I always like to help anyway I can so 3 times a week, during my lunch period, I help Mrs. Nasinovich during computer class with the first graders. It’s fun to watch little kids learn something for the first time and I get to help out one of our great teachers. I love all the teachers I had from kindergarten to present. I am going to miss everyone at P.S. 2. I had great Elementary School years here.

My hobbies include drawing, singing and dancing. I do ballet, tap and jazz every Friday for the past 6 years. I am always drawing. I draw when I am bored, sad, happy or mad. My mom tells me I should become an architect because I like math and drawing. I want to become a designer. I guess I have time to decide. My parents tell me whatever I decide to become I have to be happy.

I also enjoy the time I spend at our after–school program HANAC. I get to draw, play at the gym and hang out with my friends. I made lots of friends at P.S. 2 and I will miss them when we graduate. I am sure I will make new friends next year in Junior High. I have two best friends that I know since pre–k there names are Maria and Katia. My sister and I spend a lot time with them out of school.

I have a wonderful family. They are always there to help, support and encourage me. Everybody was excited when I won this award and it made me feel good that I was able to share my happiness with my family. I love you mommy, daddy, Marina, Eleni, my grandparents, uncle Taso, aunt Anna, Melina and baby Eleni.


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