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Jack Ye:
2011 Winner
P.S. 122

Jack Ye

Winning Essay

A Change Towards Perfection

Change is something that defines the occurrences of this world. With change comes evolutions, and with this, comes further advances in the world. A change is always a miracle from the gods, to help us on our quest to further grow. A change can add something good to our lives, or it could bring something evil to the land. Change is only necessary when we need something, and when it is necessary for change, it will happen so that it can better our lives. It can be said that if our world is already perfect, then there should be no use in change, unless to perfect the world even further, so with change, come opportunities to reach perfection, and a better, more perfect world.

When I look out the window of my apartment, I see so many things keeping this world from perfection. One change that should be made is a change towards the attitudes of the people. There are so many people in the world, but I think everyone should realize that we must work together if we truly want positive changes to occur. In order for something good to happen, we must first let go of our personal needs, and think more about others as a single collective unit. By changing the attitudes of the people, we could organize ourselves, and help each other, which would reduce crimes, as well as reduce the problems that still exist. We must first change our mental state, in order to bring further change.

Another change that should be made is a change to help our environment. If no change comes to our already dying planet, then soon, there will not even be a planet to bring change to. We should change the fact that there is much pollution in the world, and get rid of the darkness that lingers over the skies, that keeps us from achieving greatness. If we don’t, then there won’t even be a reason to bring any more change, because if we fail to bring this change, then there will no longer be a home to add change to. This should be an act of change we bring to the world, to save it from destruction.

In order to grow stronger, we must first take a step back, and try not to repeat history, but to move forward. This is why a final change that I wish to make is a change to stop us from making the same mistakes and to stay out of the past. If we could understand why things happened and how we could avoid those past mistakes, we would learn more about the world, as well as about ourselves. At the rate we’re going now, no change will ever be made. In order for future changes, we first need to slow down, and try to understand the pain and suffering, so that we can learn from them, and make sure it never happens again. After all, it is the past that shapes our tomorrow, so we must first get over the past, to move on. If we can do this, then we can understand it, and move our nation forward, into that better tomorrow.

These are three changes that I think should be made to our world in order to inch our way closer to that higher level. Change is something that we can’t live without, and is something that closes the gap between us, and greatness. Starting right now, we should all realize the truth, and try our best to bring about a change, because no matter the change, being good or bad, will help us brace the darkness, and move forward, into the light.



My name is Jack Ye and I was born in New York City and have lived here my whole life. I think this is a great city, and I am grateful for all the opportunities it has given me. I am currently an 8th grader attending P.S.122 Academy for the Intellectually Gifted. P.S.122 truly is a wonderful place for young minds. Just look at me, for the school has raised me to become what I am today, and has also raised thousands of other children to become strong individuals. The environment PS122 has is just one of the few things that has made me who I am. In school, my favorite subjects include Science, Math, and English because these subjects really allow me to think for myself. Other subjects are fun too, like gym, but for the 5 major subjects- Math, Social Studies, Science, English, and Spanish- I think my favorites are Science, Math, and English. In school, I try my best to get good grades, and I try to maintain good relationships with friends, as well as teachers in the school system. Outside of school, I tend to spend my time in the park hanging out with friends and family alike. Sometimes, I might stay at home to play video games, or anything to kill time, but most of the time, I’m in the park running about. Outside of school I enjoy playing sports (mostly football and handball), eating, sleeping, playing with my brother, and reading a book if there is a good one next to me. These are just some of my many hobbies I do outside of school.

If I were to describe myself, I think I would be the kid that never gives up. Every day, every moment of every second of my life, I always carry hope with me, because it’s just the thing I need to make it to the end of the day. I always have hope in what I do, and I always believe in miracles. I might not be a winner, but I definitely am not a quitter. I always believe in the impossible, and I will continue to dream, even tomorrow, as well as the next day, and the next, because it is what defines me.


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