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Jennifer Bravo:
2014 Winner
I.S. 10

Jennifer Bravo

Winning Essay

A hero is someone who is selfless, courageous , and determined. They are always willing to make sacrifices for their job. They are good role models because they motivate people who might be having a hard time in their life to say, “If he can do it, then so can I.” They inspire others to have hope and always put their best foot forward.

A legend is someone who has done something so great, that they changed history, and that after what they did, they will be remembered forever. Legends are optimistic, determined and daring. A big accomplishment does not take a day’s work, it is a long process sometimes, and for them to work up to where they want to be, and to have those traits of determination, makes them a legend. They are also good people who inspire and elicit the good in life.

The biggest hero in our community is a firefighter. Their job is very risky, and the fact that they chose this as their career, shows that they really do care about making a change and rescuing people from the tragic event of death. They have changed our world because of this. In the horrific event called 9/11, many firefighters were put to the test. The amount of people saved and the amount of firefighters dead or injured, shows how dedicated firefighters are to their occupation. This shows they are willing to sacrifice their own life to save those endangered people. These special people sacrifice a lot and should be recognized as heroes for changing and continuing to change our world.

Martin Luther King is a legend because he changed society and human equality forever. without his accomplishments, our lives would be full of discrimination and segregation like in the 1950’s. Black people were judged due to their skin color and they did not have as many opportunities as whites. In the 1950’s and 60’s blacks were excluded from many things like going into specific stores, having to sit on the back section of the bus, and mixed races couldn’t drink from the same water fountain. This matter motivated Dr. King. He knew this was not right and from 1957 to 1968 he was determined to change that. He traveled more than six million miles, spreading the word with his powerful speeches, protests, boycotts, books and articles. He had a lot of passion and determination towards this cause. This man is also a legend because he went through many obstacles and never gave up. He was jailed more than 20 times, was stabbed in the chest , experienced personal attacks and his house was bombed. His passionate sacrifices changed our world by making all Americans, black and white, equal and this legend will definitely be remembered in history forever.


We would like to wish Jennifer Bravo the best of luck moving on to Bard High School Early College Queens. Congratulations!

My name is Jennifer Bravo Pavia, I was born on September 8th 2000. When I was little, I always loved to play teacher because I loved the feeling of knowing things and teaching them to my parents. Looking back on it now, it’s humorous because I felt so superior teaching them “new things”. For the rest of my years in elementary school I was in a top class which is one of the things that has really kept me motivated throughout the years to always do my best.

Middle school has been a great experience. In sixth grade I was enrolled in the Honor Society of my school and have stayed there for the past three years. I also met my three best friends who have been with me since sixth grade. My friends Bridgett, Mine, and Nusrat taught me to have a little fun sometimes which has overall made me a happier person. Before entering middle school I was very shy and now I am very outspoken and creative. Not only have I met awesome friends, but also many amazing teachers who have helped me improve my skills. They taught me new things and introduced me to new opportunities. My English teacher encouraged me to join the playmaking program which was a great experience. My math teacher encouraged me to join the Mathletes team and take Integrated Algebra Regents in which was a lot of fun. My science teacher encouraged me to make a Science Fair project that led me to entering my school’s science fair. And last but not least my social studies teacher encouraged me to enter my essay in this contest and look where that has led me!

I will miss all of these experiences, but I am extremely excited to move on to high school. I got accepted into Bard High School Early College Queens and that has made my parents very proud. My parents have lived all of these achievements with me and have always been very supportive ever since I was little. From getting my first 100% on a test in kindergarten, to now winning a $300 scholarship in eighth grade. All of this makes me feel proud because they were the ones who encouraged me. Without my parents and their caring characteristics, I would have given up on myself. My family is the most important motivation of all.

I enjoy learning new things but I also love to enjoy my free time. I love fashion and enjoy exploring it. I love to go to the mall to look at new designs and sometimes making new looks with the inspiration I discovered. I am also a creative person and I like to express it through nail art. I find it very entertaining. I also like to go on social medias and listen to music. Lastly, I enjoy making do-it yourself crafts to decorate the home.

Most importantly I would like to thank my teacher Ms. Zic for helping me improve my essay and giving me helpful tips. She has a lot of experience being a teacher and I am grateful to have had her this year as my social studies teacher. Without her tips I wouldn’t have won, so thank you. I cannot believe that out of all the essays mine was chosen by the judges. I will never forget this experience, Thanks to all my inspirations: my family, my teachers, and my friends.

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