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Lin Xia:
2009 Winner
I.S. 10

Lin Xia

Winning Essay

It’s been about 40 years since the United States has been so excited about the presidential election. The president that resulted from this year’s fired up election is Barack Obama. I have my own opinions as for why people have been so excited by this election.

I think people were more into the election was because of George W. Bush. Many people have agreed that he had messed up the United States and some dislike him. Some people didn’t want to continue with the war in Iraq, but George W. Bush did. Also continuing the war in Iraq cost the United States billions of dollars. Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” incident caused the U.S. many casualties and difficulties. So it would be reasonable for people to want another president who was against the war. Some people also saw that George W. Bush didn’t do much to help resolve the country’s problems and people want a president one who will. Bush’s bad response to Hurricane Katrina, War in Iraq, and incapability to solve our economic problems made people lose faith in him. Barack Obama promises a tax cut to help working families, he promises to support small businesses, to encourage innovation and job creation, and he wants a trade policy that opens up foreign markets to support good American jobs.

The country has have many problems right now. Our economy is failing and people are losing jobs. In this sort of condition of job loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and many other sorts of problems, people need someone to fix this. They need the right president to help them out of this mess. For this people actually paid attention to the election. With the unemployment rate at 7.6% from 4.9% a year ago, as stated in the article “U.S. job losses accelerate and jobless rate jumps” by Glenn Somerville, people are worried about the future.

The third reason why people were fired up about this election is of “the cycle.” This cycle is one of good times and bad times. In the past, what followed the good times were bad times, and what followed the bad times were the good times. Like in the past, The Golden Twenties were followed by the Great Depression. The stock market crash proved to be overwhelming, people became anxious because they realized their future was in the hands of the next president. He was the one who would either lead them out of the depression or they’d fall in deeper. Right now we’re in the bad times, and just repeating the cycle. People are scared of the bad times and hope for the good times, therefore they care about how they can go back to the good times. So it would only be natural for people to be interested in the election hoping for their “hero.” This is the part of the cycle when everyone is anxious about their future president, which contributed to Americans’ fired up attitude about this election.

Barack Obama is another reason why people were so excited about this presidential election. He was a candidate that caught many people’s attention, being African-American, a Democrat, young, and having charisma he was definitely an interesting factor in this election. He was more likely supported because he was the first non-Caucasian candidate. As a Democratic candidate, he represented change in the long years of Republican presidents. And as a Democrat it also meant he will alleviate poverty, social injustices, and help people find jobs, which people really needed now. Being young attracted lots of young voters. But it was his charisma that made people see that he might just be the right president to lead us. This sort of change made lots of people excited and hopeful. He definitely fired up the crowd.


We would like to wish Lin Xia the best of luck moving on to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Congratulations!

My name is Lin Xia and I was born on August 11, 1995. I currently go to Horace Greeley I.S.10 and will go to Fiorello LaGuardia High School next year. I enjoy playing tennis, going on the computer, drawing, and watching anime. I go on the computer about five hours a day and draw pictures about 3 times a weeks. Drawing anime is what I do most of the time. I also get absorbed into drawing so usually until the picture is done or almost done, then I pay attention to my surroundings and realize how long I took. I think am good at computer art. I watch anime everyday because I find it funny, interesting, and enjoyable. I like listening to music that is upbeat and I also listen to japanese music. I’m a fan of anime so I have picked up a lot of words in japanese. I also want to draw my own manga at least once.

I am very good at math and art. I am shy, quiet, and have low self-esteem. I get bored easily so I enjoy watching or listening to funny things. I am not very sociable and I’m reluctant to do things. Being relaxed, free, and without worries is what I like best. I’m very forgetful and I can get distracted easily. But if I pay attention I can focus and get things done. I am scared of bugs and hate them. I like winter better than summer because the summer is too hot. I usually prefer to stay home rather than going out. I get tired easily from running. I like drinking milk and eating ice-cream. Sometimes I prefer milk over soda or juice. I don’t think I know how to swim and I never been to the beaches to swim. I don’t understand people most of the times and they don’t understand me most of the times either. Sometimes I worry and pay attention to the little details. I don’t like getting my picture taken or being on stage.

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