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Madhusree Chowdhury:
2006 Winner
P.S. 122

Madhusree Chowdhury

Winning Essay

All eyes are glued to the television set. Everyone is sitting together, yet not paying attention to one another. Everything is frozen. Everything is still. There is not even a blink of an eye. Not even a single breath. But it is not quiet in the room. There are voices. The voices are from the television set. The voices are filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and even a little bit of fear. What is going to happen now? What is going to change? Who is it going to be? Soon, it will be announced. It will be revealed. The secrets will be unlocked. The question will be answered. Who is going to be the next President of the United States of America?

The President of the United States of America is extremely important to the lives of all Americans. Everything a President does affects all of us, in one-way or another. The President is like the binding of a book and the Americans are the pages. There needs to be a strong binding that holds all the individual pages together, so that they cannot be ripped out easily. The President transforms all the individuals into a whole. But not anyone can be a President. A President is required to posses many qualities, which need to be used to improve or positively change the nation. One of the many qualities of a President should be being trustworthy. Americans depend on the President to keep everyone united and bring peace. We, as Americans depend on our President to make the right decisions. The President is the strong and reliable hand we hold on to so that we do not trip and fall. Or when we are about to fall, the hands should scoop us up and put us right back on our feet. During the presidential election, the candidates can make many promises. But the trustworthy candidate should be in the office and be the one who keeps all the promises, and does not break any of them. If the President cannot be trusted it could destroy our whole nation that our forefathers had worked so hard to build. When a President lies, Americans begin fighting between themselves. Some might want the leader taken out of the office, while the people who support the President, try to keep him in office. It could split the nation into two parts and we would not be referred to as an American nation anymore. We, Americans could be broken up into a million pieces and then separated from one another.

In addition, the President needs to be patient. As the leader, the President needs to be a good listener and understand everyone else around him and make a decision as a nation, not as a person. The President should listen to all Americans and then at the end he can choose the idea that seems the best or try to combine many ideas and make one awesome idea. The President needs to have an understanding of all of his followers. The President is not in office to make up many ideas and decisions. He is there to represent Americans. He is a symbol that stands for all of us, not just himself. To carry out this duty, he needs to learn about all of us, and show the rest of the world what kind of people we are. America is like a long math problem with so many different numbers, operations and symbols. But the President needs to sit down, take out a pencil and find the answer, no matter how many hours, days, months, or even years it takes. The President needs to calm down, be patient and look at every single part of the problem, just the way he needs to look at every single American that he represents.

Furthermore, a President needs to be a hard worker. He cannot just go into the office and do whatever he wishes to do. The President has to be active. There are so many problems around the world that needs to be solved. The President should be a photographer who does not only search for the beauty that lies in the country, but even for something that is unattractive and ugly. He might not be able to change all the unattractive things in the nation or solve all the problems, but at least he can try. He does not have to keep all of his promises, but if works toward them, maybe more Americans will join him and the Presidents after him will work toward the goal until it is reached. The President needs to take the first step and let us take the next.

Moreover, a President needs to see everyone as equal people. He cannot make judgments based on color, race or culture. We are all Americans, no matter what part of the world we come from. We are all people and we all have the right to speak out and be heard. The President needs to see only in black and white. Every single American should look exactly the same in his eyes. Yes, people might have come from another country, which is thousands of miles away. But they came to America because they have faith and trust in this country and are looking for a good or a better life. No one should be deprived of having a wonderful life, just because of his or her physical characteristics or appearance. A President should open the door of opportunity for every single human being living in America.

Last, but definitely not least, a President should be educated. He needs to know about the world, and see how he can take what he learned and improve the country. He needs to have vast knowledge. For instance, he should know the mistakes that other nations made and keep America from going through the same. A President needs to be a teacher and guide the nation into the right path and help them choose the right lane. To do this, he first needs to know what actions he should carry out that have consequences that are good and helpful, while knowing what will hurt the nation. A President is constantly giving speeches. To give strong and meaningful speeches, the President needs to be able to write and think well. He always has to come up with ideas that could improve this country and the people living in it. A President needs to be familiar with what his duty is and what the government’s responsibility is so that he can carry out what needs to be done.

Along with qualities that a President should have, there are many qualities that a President should not posses. One of them is being self-centered. A person becomes a President to help the nation, not himself. A President cannot be narrow-minded and say, “Whatever I say is right because I am the President.” The President needs to make decisions, but should make them with the whole nation. He needs to understand the fact that he has power, but he cannot use it in a hurtful or wrong way. Plus, he needs to know that he is not an American but one of millions and millions of Americans. He needs to make decisions as an American not as a dictator. Likewise, a President cannot be lazy. He needs to go into office and do whatever he can to improve the country. He cannot lay back and sleep all day. Americans look up to and respect him. So he cannot be in office, just so he can live in the White House, but because he cares about his country. He needs to constantly start programs, come up with new laws, travel all around the United Sates of America and see what needs to be fixed. Finally, a President cannot be careless. He needs to understand that there are problems. If he cannot see them right in front of his eyes, he needs to roll up his sleeves, and hunt for problems. No matter what, a problem is hiding in every corner. He needs to care about the people in the nation. He needs to believe in the fact that America is not perfect and he is there to help the country. He needs to feel that America is important and the people living in it are equally as significant.

A President needs to be unique, yet know how to mix in and be one of millions of Americans. A President needs to be patient, yet work vigorously. A president needs to be a good listener, yet know how to stand up, talk and make the right decisions. When you think about it, all Americans are the Presidents because what we do and what we say affect the nation. All Americans should have the same qualities as the President. We should all act together and help the elected leader make this country the best country it can be.


My name is Madhusree Chowdhury. I am an eighth grader in P.S. 122 Queens. My favorite subject in school is English or writing. I love to read books all the time and sometimes I just like taking out a sheet of paper and just writing about absolutely nothing. Through writing I can express my feelings and what I think. Writing is just a way for me to communicate with others,

Even though I love to read and write, my dream is to grow up to become an astronaut. It is something that I have wanted to be since I was in second grade, when my science teacher and mom helped me get interested in science, and especially outer space. It would be so amazing to be floating around stars and planets and going to places that not every one has gone. There is a whole adventure out there and I cannot wait to be the adventurer.

Besides reading and writing, I love to listen to music. Music is something that is really close to me and just like reading and writing, it helps me calm down and just relax after a day of hard work. I think one of the reasons I love music so much is because music is writing and it is a way of expressing your feelings and ideas.

I have to say that the greatest inspirations in my life are my parents and my sister. They are always behind me 100% and they help me whenever I need it. I know that they will support me no matter what and will help me reach all my goals and dreams in life.

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