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Manjot Singh:
2010 Winner
I.S. 10

Manjot Singh

Winning Essay

President Barack Obama vows to close down the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. It has been a year since he made the statement and the camp is still in service. The Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp is in a military base located in Cuba. It is operated by the “Joint Task Force Guantanamo” of the US government since 2002. This camp was made to capture terrorists and people who were in the Taliban militia, the militia that took over Afghanistan. Now the question is, should President Obama close the detention camp in Cuba? I am strongly against President Obama’s idea to close down the detention camp. If the detention camp closes, not only will the U.S. lose a lot of money but citizens in the United States will be in serious danger.

Prisoners in the Guantanamo Bay are safely secured in the prison. They are surrounded by top class security, making it very hard to escape. However, if President Obama does close the detention camp, prisoners will be sent free, some will go to a different country and the others will go to Illinois. President Barack Obama stated that he wants to place up to 100 prisoners from Guantanamo Bay into an Illinois prison, the Thomson Correction Center. Prisoners in the Thomson Correctional Center are monitored by surveillance throughout the prison. Now it is a very dangerous thing to let prisoners in the United States. It is a very dangerous thing to let prisoners from a treacherous detention camp to just break loose. Who is to say they will not cause more hazards? If prisoners are sent to a different country, people from the country will be in serious danger. It does not make sense to place terrorists in foreign nations. Chances are that people will be hurt. It is also decided that the Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin will indeed secure most terrorists in the detention camp. He stated “…techniques are strong signals to the world that we can defeat terrorism without sacrificing our most basic values…” I disagree with this statement because I do not think letting terrorists into the United States will be a good idea because they were former criminals and letting them loose will just increase the chance of a crime being committed. If they are placed in a jail cell in the United States, it is likely for them to break out. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over 6,000 people escaped from prison yearly. The fact that prisoners from a highly secured facility camp come to the United States and escape is a very critical situation.

The Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp was back-breaking work to make. Many drudges were involved in making the detention camp. Not only the work, but billions of dollars was spent in making the detention camp. The billions of dollars came from the taxes we paid! Now it makes no sense to take away our taxes to build a camp and then destroy it in a decade. Billions of dollars will go to waste. If the detention camp does close, a lot of money will be used to provide a new detention facility in Illinois. The money will be taken from our taxes. We are paying to place prisoners in the United States. This is an abominable idea!

The Guantanamo Bay Detention camp is filled with dangerous prisoners. If the detention camp does close, chances of disaster will be great. Barack Obama is making a risky decision to vow to close down Guantanamo Bay. A vast amount of money will be thrown away and Americans are being placed in danger. This is a risk many people do not want to take and this is why I say the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp should remain open!


Hello, my name is Manjot Singh. I come from the school I.S. 10 Q. I am from Junior High School. I am writing this biography here today because I am the winner of the essay contest. I personally love to write about anything interesting that happens. Normally if something interesting does happen, I would take out a pencil and jot down anything I can to publish an essay. When my essay is all ready, I prefer to show it to my teachers and ask for their opinions. Besides life, I love to write about horror. Horror is one my most favorite subjects to talk about or hear about. Over half of my writing deals with horror!

I like to attend school to meet friends. I also like to meet my teachers, I am glad to have such wonderful teachers who encourage me to write and have such confidence. I am truly honored to have such faith. In school, I love the subject math. Math is such a wonderful subject for me, I do real great in the subject. I am really bright when it comes to mental math. I can do mental math quite quick. As much as I try to, I cannot think of my worst subject. All teachers make the subjects just entertaining to learn about and thinking of my worst subject is quite complicated.

I want to have a really successful life when I grow up and I plan not to give up. If you are reading this, I want you to know that you can always accomplish your dreams if you try, if you do not try, your dreams cannot come true. I plan to work in the emergency room in the hospital. I want to be an emergency room physician. I always wanted to be one since I was seven. I have been watching medical shows every since. I love to watch the suspense in the hospital and I am prepared to take on any challenge to become an E.R. physician.

I live in a family of four. I have a brother and both of my parents. My mom was a former teacher while my dad was a former sailor. I want to thank my parents because I sometimes discuss some writing topics with them. They also encourage me very much about my career and they take it seriously. I really appreciate that and makes me feel I should never give up in life. Most of all, I want to thank my Social Studies teacher Ms. Zic because without her, I wouldn’t have been inspired to enter this essay. She has taught me how to write great essays and I want to thank her sincerely.

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