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Mickey Ilie-Melas:
2006 Winner
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Mickey Ilie-Melas

Winning Essay

In the United States the highest elected official is the president. He is like the captain of a very large ship. He must be first a patriot, a good leader, must be responsible, honest and fair and he must work well with others. In my essay, I will be discussing the qualities I think a president should and should not have.

As a patriot, the president must love the United States and its people, equally. This way, all actions he has to take as a president have the country’s interest at heart, and all Americans will love him and support him in everything he wants to do as a president. As a person who loves this land, the president should be concerned about our environment, about pollution and the destruction of our land, depletion of our resources, and the extinction of many different species of plants and animals. As a person who loves his people, the president should make sure that all his people get a good education. I think that the root of all good things in life is an education, so people who get a good education are happier in the end.

As a good leader, the president of the United States should try to represent all people of the country: the rich, the poor, the people with different ethnical and religious backgrounds, the people who elected him to office, as well as the people who may not agree with him all the time. Since the United States is also the richest and the most powerful nation in the world, he is also the leader of the entire world. For that, he has to make sure that our country’s interests are well protected and represented in the world, and at the same time we are not forcing our ways on any other country. Additionally, a good leader makes sure that the citizens of his country are safe all the time, and that any threats from others against Americans around the world are taken care of.

The president should be honest to all the people of the United States. He should try to keep the promises he made during his campaign, as much as possible. When he cannot keep a promise, he should explain to the people why he cannot. He should not try to deceive his citizens by hiding that information, and when he or his team makes a mistake he should take full responsibility for it. If he is fair, he will not take any actions which favor one group of people over another.

The president should be able to work well with many different types of people. The United States of America is a very diverse nation. The president must represent and support all these people so that everybody is happy. He should have the knowledge and the ability to bring all these different people together, because together we can achieve great things.

At the same time the president of the United States should not be greedy with and blinded by the power the people gave him, so he would not make rash decisions which may hurt the country and its people.

In addition, he should not allow having his decisions influenced by people or groups who may not have our country’s best interest at heart.

Finally, he should not ignore the children’s ideas because we are the future of this country and we have fresh ideas which are not corrupted by money or power.

In conclusion, I think that any president who manages to have as many of the good qualities and as little as possible of the bad ones will be a good president.


My name is Mickey Ilie-Melas and I’m 10 years old. I have two brothers whose names are Jonathan and Nicholas. My mom and dad are wonderful and supportive in every way.

I like to do lots of things. I like school, especially math, science and computers. When I grow up I will like to work as a game designer for a company such as Microsoft. I like sports and I play tennis, soccer, basketball, etc. every chance I get. I like to listen to music, especially rock and R & B. I like cooking and help my mom cook Sunday meals every week.

My favorite place in the world is a small island in South Greece called Karpathos. I like to visit as often as I can because the sea is beautiful and pristine, and the sun always shines.

In the future I will like to visit Australia to observe the marine animals of the Great Barrier Reef and the Marsupials that are exclusive to that continent. I would also like to visit Romania where my father was born and raised.

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