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Nura Anwar:
2006 Winner
I.S. 141

Nura Anwar

Winning Essay

Each and every individual is unique, exceptional and distinctive from one another. People have three important features that make him inimitable. Those features are their physical traits, abilities, and last but most importantly, their character. Everyone looks different from one another even if they are a twin, triplet or quadruplet. Every person has a different body, physical traits and style. Each person also has his own abilities. It’s not essential for everyone to do or know the same exact things. The most significant and essential part of a person’s uniqueness is their character traits. People have all sorts of qualities within them. Some are very positive while others are very negative. People who represent others, and various committees need to have fine qualities. A person such as our president needs to have superior qualities, since he represents a nation.

A president is a leader, a guide, and an example for a nation. It is essential for our president to be obliging. Since it’s a duty of the president’s to listen to their nation, our president should be considerate about his nation. They should be obliging, so that they can help the people of their nation. Another reason why they should have this quality is so that he can carry out the principles of a true democracy. What’s more is that, our president should be helping out those that have suffered from natural disasters and from tragic situations in the U.S.A. Additionally, our president should be obliging, in order to focus on the safety of his nation, environment and people. If he has this quality, then the safety of the people and environment should be one of his top concerns. In addition, he should be helping out America’s future, the children, with educational support. If he doesn’t secure America’s future, who will? If our president doesn’t have this quality, then how would he help the nation? Being an obliging president is really a necessity of being a true leader. Our president shouldn’t just have this trait, but they should also have some other vital qualities.

A skill that not only our president should have but also all humans should have is the skill of organization and/or preparation. Our president should always be organized with whatever he does. If he is organized, in a case of an emergency, it is easier to find help. This trait of organization will enable our president to be prepared for almost anything. For example, if President George W. Bush, had been prepared during Hurricane Katrina, then most probably, a lot of the victims could have been helped quicker or could have survived. Another example is that, perhaps if President George W. Bush was much more organized, the effects of 9/11 could have been distinct from what has occurred. In simpler terms, if he had better security around the whole country, then probably, the tragic situation at the World Trade Center could have had some pleasant results instead of, the unpleasant results. Maybe the amount of deaths could have been reduced, if he had more security around the country. A lot of losses could have been prevented if he was a bit more organized and prepared. When a person is prepared/organized they can overcome any obstacle. Furthermore, being prepared and organized permits our president to not be unmindful. Being organized and prepared also permits the president to be ready with more than one back up plan. In simpler words, if one attempt to do something isn’t successful, the president can go on to their next plan and it may be successful. Our president should have three other important skills, too.

One of those vital skills that a president should have is the skill of being valiant. Our president and every other leader around the world should be valiant. Since our president is like an example to the citizens of the country, he should always remain bold in any situation, no matter how tragic or difficult it may be. If he is valiant during a time when courage is needed, then the whole nation will feel much stronger and they may also become courageous during a tragic time. Being valiant would also mean that he wouldn’t back up from anything because of fear, lose, or defeat. He can show the whole nation how important it is to be brave. Every person including our president should be valiant. It’s needed in life quite often.

Another quality that our president should have is the quality of being a good orator. Our

President is consistently attending meetings and ceremonies. It’s a necessity for him to be a good orator, because he holds the highest position in the whole nation. Moreover, when he has to attend international conferences he represents the U.S.A. When he or she is speaking or giving a speech he isn’t just talking for himself, but he is also speaking on behalf of the nation. Therefore, it’s important for him to be a good orator so that the nation is well represented and the nation’s reputation still lies in a high standard. The final quality our president should uphold is probably the most important one out of all the qualities necessary in a president.

In order for a president to make sure that the nation is serene and that he is at peace with himself and with the nation, he should have the quality of being equitable. A child, a person and a God all want the same things, which is fairness and equality. History has shown us that humans will fight to any extent for equality and fairness. If our president would like to be a model towards his nation, then he must treat every individual with equality and fairness. He must look at everyone with the same eye. He must listen to everyone with the same ear. He must also think of everyone with the same thought and mind. Our president should treat everyone with love and compassion. Our president shouldn’t discriminate anyone from anything because of his physical traits, religious beliefs and or status. In his views, we should all be American citizens and his responsibility. If our president is a true president than he should have all the qualities that I have mentioned so far. However, there are qualities that he shouldn’t have.

It is fundamental for our president to not be callous. If he’s callous then, how will he complete the duties of our president? As our president it is one of his top priorities to help the nation and its people. If he is callous, then he is not carrying out one of his or her top duties correctly. When the nation is in a time of need he should be caring and should look for ideas on how to help the nation. If he is callous, then he won’t try to help out the nation at all because he simply does not care about it. He won’t have any sympathy towards the nation because he has the quality of being cold-hearted. America has been through quite a few times where people needed a shoulder to lean on and a kind-heart where another person can drain out all their sorrows. If he has this terrible quality, he can’t be that shoulder that people are in search of. He can’t be that kind-heart that people want. Our president is someone young children and young adults look up to as a guide. However, if he is callous, then who will America’s future look up to?

In addition, our president shouldn’t be a person who loses confidence and/or courage. Our president is the person we go to when in doubt or when in need of help. Our president is supposed to offer us all a pint of confidence and courage. Well, if he doesn’t have confidence in himself and/or in the nation, whom are we supposed to go to for that pint of confidence? Many people who believe in God, pray to God when they are in doubt, or when they have suffered from a tragedy. For those people, God is the most powerful person and can do whatever he likes. Just like that, people look up to our president and expect the best from him. People who don’t believe in God are unable to look up to God. For this reason, the president is there, so that those people and others can look up to him. Yet, when he doesn’t have confidence or courage in himself, they are worthless, of no help.

Last but definitely not the least, our president shouldn’t have the quality of being narrow-minded. Being narrow-minded can lead to a lot of trouble and a ton of suffering. When our president is narrow-minded, he is being prejudice, unequal, and most importantly not being a good human. People, who possess this trait, tend to be very restricted to certain things. If our president has this trait, then many unfair laws and restrictions would pass all over the nation. Our president would look at us differently and most probably discrimination would take place. It is truly heart breaking for the leader of the nation to be narrow-minded.

Each and every president has had and will continue to have in the future, different characteristic traits from previous presidents. That may be a positive factor or negative factor for the country. The ideal president though, should be obliging, organized and/or prepared, valiant, a good orator, and equitable. On the contrary, our president shouldn’t be callous, unconfident or uncourageous, or narrow-minded. Ultimately, our president should have the qualities of any good person and our president should avoid having the qualities of any bad person. Next time, remember to choose the person who is full of ideal traits so that they may be America’s ideal President!


I, Nura Anwar was born on September 27th 1992, during 4:29 pm on Sunday at the Elmhurst Hospital located at Queens New York. Ever since the day I was born, my life had started to look forward to the future. In my life ever since I was a child, I have had many goals. Besides goals, I have also had many hobbies.

I have consistently been at the top position in areas of talents such as, performing arts, and visual arts. I have received many awards, certificates, pins, medals, and trophies, for the amount of hard work that I have displayed in those areas. I have attended the Bangladesh Cultural Academy (B.C.A.) for more than five years. I have performed in a variety of shows with B.C.A. Singing, dancing, and acting had always been my hobbies. I have always felt that if you do something that your heart desires to do, and give it your best, then you’ll definitely accomplish the best.

In my life, my Bangladeshi and American culture is tremendously meaningful towards me. Both of my cultures and I are inseparable. At school if there is any multicultural event, I take part in it by representing my Bengali culture. I bring in a variety of performances, poetry, songs, artwork, clothing and food from Bangladesh to my school.

During the year of 2006, I had been accepted to two Specialized High schools, The Bronx High school of Science, and Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. Another event takes place in my life, which will always be embedded in my heart. I had entered a contest where I had to write an essay stating five qualities a president should possess and three qualities that the president should not possess. I had been the winner of this competition from my school. I would receive $300 as a fund, a plaque, and a chance to attend the dinner where the award ceremony would be held. Ever since, I had come to I.S. 141, Queens, I always had a goal to win a contest. I always believed in myself and gave it my best shot. Finally, during my last year at I.S. 141, I had fulfilled my goal. Winning this contest meant a lot to me, which is why I thank all my teachers, judges, and the members of the Christopher Santora Scholarship Fund Organization from the bottom of my heart!

I wish everyone the very best in life. Furthermore, I hope that everyone can strive for the best and become successful in life. However, nothing is possible if you don’t believe in yourself. The biggest factor in becoming successful is that you must have your parents’ blessings and support in no matter what decision you make in life. Without their support, blessings and your self- confidence all your dreams and wishes will shatter into pieces within seconds. I would like nothing more than blessings from each and every person in this world. Blessings from elders are the greatest gifts in a human’s life. If this gift is attained then life will never become the hardest obstacle a human has to face.

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