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Olivia Galvez:
2006 Winner
FDNY Engine 54

Olivia Galvez

Winning Essay

Power, justice, confidence, listening skills, and respect. All of these are qualities I think that a world leader should have. Power is an important quality because without power a leader has no control. Power is not just having control over another person(s); power is the wisdom to know what’s going on around you and the resources to help those in need. Justice, I feel, is another important quality because to me justice is being fair to all and punishing/rewarding those who deserve it. I think a leader should be fair and just because a country run by inexperienced leaders would never know or understand the difference, and I believe that would be terrible. Confidence is key because without confidence in yourself, you do not know what you are capable of. If our countries leaders, past and present, where never confident, our country probably would not be where it is today. Having the ability to listen to others, not just hear but really listen, is also an important quality a leader should have. Listening to others opens the mind to different viewpoints and ideas. If you did not ever listen to the people around you, you would probably never learn anything new and would probably make mistakes easily avoidable if you had listened to others.

There are, however, some qualities that a leader should not possess. For instance, lying is not a good quality to possess. Lying can backfire and turn into disaster. Many times, the press looks for the bad more than the good. Yellow journalism is designed to twist the truth to what the people want to hear. One small lie or bad deed, you’re on the cover of Monday’s paper. Another quality that should be avoided is recklessness. If a leader is reckless, they put their country at stake. I do not think a leader should be indisposed of his or her responsibilities because they may let their lesser advisers take control over their country. I also feel that if a leader is indisposed they may let things pass right under their noses that are distressing to their people.

Several presidents of the United States have been remembered for their greatness by the people of America. I feel that Abraham Lincoln is one of those presidents. President Lincoln was a strong believer of equal rights to all and opposed slavery. When Abraham Lincoln ran for president, nobody knew his name. Nowadays, everyone in the United States knows who he is and looks up to him as role model. President Lincoln governed our nation during the time of the civil war, one of the most difficult periods in our nation’s history. He made many difficult decisions that saved our nation from dividing into two separate nations. President Lincoln was anti-slavery and believed firmly in the constitution that said all men are created equal, because of his belief in justice for all, he did not fear the war; instead he looked for ways to make both, the north and south, work for both sides, united and free for all.

Back from the war in 1943, John F. Kennedy became the youngest president in United States history; he was also the youngest to die however. In President Kennedy’s inaugural address he stated” Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. To me, that statement says that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was loyal, brave, and supportive of his country 100 percent. John Kennedy’s view of America was of that first nation, which only goal was dedicated to the revolution of equal rights. His view of America expanded to the quality of the national culture and the central role of the arts in a vital society. President John F. Kennedy fought for equality and the rights of humans. He defended Cubans in there time of need against Russia and also gave us the Peace Corps, which help countries and peoples in need.

We have had several weak presidents in our nation’s history, but I feel that Herbert Hoover was one of the weaker ones. During his watch over the country; a great depression struck our great cities. Millions of men and women were turned out of jobs. Thousands were homeless and hungry. I feel that Herbert Hoover was one of our weakest presidents because of the fact that he could easily have helped support and lead the people in their times of need and bring them through the Great Depression. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy would have fought, struggled, reassured, and supported the American people through the depression, and I feel that they may have been able to avoid it altogether.

The Commander in Chief, the President of the United States, can be many things at once; a hero, a criminal, a genius, or an oaf; but one thing I am certain of , and that is the fact that the President of the United States is brave and honorable no matter what he is known for.


My name is Olivia Galvez. I’m thirteen, and about to graduate from Sacred Heart, the school I’ve gone to nine years. I grew up in Staten Island, New York with my best friends two blocks away. To them I’m the independent, funny best friend who can always cheer you up even if its with the slightest pat on the back or smile. To everyone else, I’m the quiet, smart, mysterious one. Ever since I was little, I’ve always sat back and observed my surroundings and the people there in. Nobody’ perfect though. Everybody has those little moments that irk the rest of the family. But, they forgive you in the end, no matter what.

The way I act with my most trusted friends, and my disposition at school are two completely different things. I’m practically a different person. At school, I’m quiet, soft-spoken, and totally focused on my work and getting good grades. My favorite subject is science, chemistry and biology to be specific.

When I was younger, my dream was to be the first female president of the United States, but as I got older, my goals shifted a little. My new and improved ambition is to be a forensic anthropologist. A forensic anthropologist puts skeletons together to solve the case of what, why, and how the skeleton was placed were it was found.

Most of my friends want to be doctors, lawyers,parents, teachers, and nascar drivers, but I’m the individual whose favorite hobby is settling in to read a good, thick book. I love to read because to me it’s a way to unwind from the problems of the real world. The rest of the time, I’m with my friends. To me life is like soccer. You get the ball and head straight for the net. You battle the other team ‘till you get a clear shot at the goal. Whether or not the ball got past the goalie doesn’t matter, you?went for it?and tried your best. Your team, your friends, cheer you on and pat you on the back. The other team symbolizes the struggles you passed to get close enough to the goal to kick that ball. Your team had been right behind you, always helping you along the way.

And so, my biography coming to an end, I leave you with one phrase—“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!”

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