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Olympia Ignatiadis:
2008 Winner
Long Island City High School

Olympia Ignatiadis

Winning Essay

As a superpower nation, America is faced with life changing issues every day. Therefore, Americans turn to the President for stability and solutions to get them through difficult times. Our country is in the hands of the next president and therefore he/she is responsible for fulfilling a profuse number of duties. The nation’s current condition revolves highly around issues with the war in Iraq, education and global warming.

I feel that our next president must immediately address the issue on the war in Iraq, because many soldiers are risking their lives, for a cause that seems to have no end. Many families have and continue to loose their loved ones as the death rate continues to increase. Less people are volunteering to join the military and many people fear that if our next president doesn’t deal with the war issue quickly, a draft may be due. Our nation follows a democratic government in which we have the right to deny any entry into the military, but if our military decreases, our president must find a way to deal with this.

An ongoing concern that Americans have is education. All presidents make plans and set goals to better education and to make adjustments for the greater good. It is important for every American citizen to receive and education from pre-kindergarten to college. If everyone got an education, it would advance our nation as a whole and allow for more people to use knowledge for new discovers and better technology. It would be great if our next president could provide more funding and government aid for students who wish to pursue a college education. By going to college and attaining a degree, students can get better jobs and create a more stable future for themselves and families that they wish to establish. An education should not be something we should pay for. It is also important for teachers to acknowledged and appreciated. I believe that teachers should be paid a lot more then what they are currently being paid. Teachers are preparing students, who will eventually be the future of America. If the president does not focus on the education issue and call for adjustments, less and less individuals will get the proper knowledge to succeed and achieve their goals. I don’t think the president would want to be held accountable for holding back anyone who wishes to learn.

A major problem that needs to be monitored and fixed is global warming. Our ozone layer is depleting and it is because of our pollution. America is a very industrial nation that produces much of the pollution that is causing earth to slowly worsen. We need to make adjustments to the type of energy that our factories are using. Factories are a major cause for the filth that we breathe in. If possible we should try and use renewable fuels and solar powered machines. Americans also need to reduce the amount of waste. I believe that the future president should pass laws that will benefit the environment, if not, we will all continue to live in a polluted environment which will cause further sickness.

For his/her future planning, our next president should make great efforts to improve homeland security. An upgrade in national security would be highly beneficial in our fight against terrorism and better quality protection for all citizens. I believe that America has a massive dilemma with immigration. We have too many illegal immigrants and aliens who are taking our job opportunities and living benefits. Our next president needs to manage the flow of illegal immigrants across our borders. Americans are faced with unaffordable and inaccessible health care. I believe that health care should be offered as a right to all American citizens as oppose to being a privilege for only a few.

The next President of the United States must enforce an overall way of life that will benefit a majority of the American people. America’s incoming president must have a foundation of goals and plans that he/she wishes to achieve. In the state that the nation is currently in, people are just looking for a leader who has the nation’s best interest at heart.


We would like to wish Olympia Ignatiadis the best of luck moving on to Fordham University at Lincoln Center. Congratulations!

My name is Olympia Ignatiadis. I was born in New York on August 10, 1990. I currently reside with my parents and my older brother. My parents were born in Greece and my brother was born in New York. I am a senior at Long Island City High School, located in Queens.

The four years I have spent in high school have been the greatest years of my life, thus far. I have been involved in my school since the start of freshman year. My academics and school as well as community involvement have always and will always mean a lot to me. I am currently the President of the Student Organization, President of the Borough Student Advisory Council, Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, Leadership member, on the softball team, a peer mediator, public speaker at school events, in Greek Club and other programs. I have been taking honors and advanced placement courses since I was a freshman. I have helped my community through the Greek American Home Owners Association for the past several years during Thanksgiving week and on Thanksgiving Day. High school was a place for me to learn and discover the best qualities in myself. Long Island City High School prepared me academically for my future endeavors and has allowed me to grow as a person. My continuous involvement at Long Island City has expanded my social skills and permitted me to meet new people and gain new opportunities. I have become a very independent, self-confident, out going and determined individual. My leadership skills have expanded and it’s very fulfilling to know that I helped people that I have encountered throughout the last four years of my life. If someone told me that I can have the world in the palm of my hand in exchange for the years I spent in high school, I would be quick to refuse!

In the fall of 2008, I will be attending Fordham University at Lincoln Center as a political science major. I am the adventurous and daring type and so I plan to become a Diplomatic Secret Service Agent, and the knowledge I receive at Fordham will help me to achieve this career goal. Part of being a D.S.S Agent includes traveling with your designated diplomat and I truly enjoy traveling. Another option I have in mind is to pursue law and/or criminal justice.

I am an overall happy and positive person. I enjoy life and try to take all the opportunities that come my way. I value all the past mistakes and experiences that I have learned from and look forward to what the future has in store for me. I am thankful for all the love, support and care from my family, friends and all my teachers. They have helped shape who I am today and glad to be the person that I am.

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