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Peter Kokosis:
2008 Winner
P.S. 2

Peter Kokosis

Winning Essay

How I Would Like to See the Future of America

One day I will be able to vote. Although I cannot vote for President yet, I have been thinking of many things that concern me in my country.

My first concern is violence.  It is important to me because I would like to prevent physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Terrorists who want to harm our country are a reason for this abuse and I would like to feel safer in my country. Also, wars in the world put families and their loved ones in danger.  This makes me upset because I would not want my family and loved ones in that position or in that danger.

A second concern of mine is pollution. Gas, water, and land pollution is harmful to our citizens, animals and environment. Cigarette smoke and large amounts of garbage are big reasons for this pollution.  I would like to reduce pollution because it will lead to a very unhealthy world for us to live in.

My third concern is health care and medicine. Safe medical treatment is important to me because it makes me feel safe to know that there are doctors to take care of people who are sick.  We must have enough doctors in this country to make healthy decisions for our citizens.

I hope that our next President will reduce violence, pollution and increase safe health care. To reduce violence I think he/she should make sure that there are enough cops to keep our country secure and to prevent people from harming other citizens.  To decrease pollution the President can make laws to keep people from littering.   Also, recycling laws will decrease pollution by helping people to decrease the amount of garbage they produce.  Carpooling is also helpful in order to reduce gases in the air that cars are responsible for. By reducing cigarette smoke and educating children not to smoke the air could become a lot healthier to breathe. Also, doctors may treat people who are addicted to cigarettes in order to help them to quit. The President can also do some things to improve health care. He/she should educate children not to take drugs.  Also, doctors and hospitals should be paid enough to keep running. The President should help doctors and scientists to work together in laboratories to find cures for harmful diseases.  If the future President could do some or all of these things, our country would surely become a better place.


We would like to wish Peter Kokosis the best of luck moving on to I.S. 141. Congratulations!

My name is Peter Kokosis and I am student at Public School 2 in Queens, New York. I am now in the fifth grade and getting ready to go to I.S. 141. I am very proud and thankful to be receiving the Christopher A. Santora award this year before I graduate from elementary school.

I am a very well behaved student. My best subjects in school are Science, Writing, Art, Gym, and Computer class. I usually get good grades in most subjects. Science is my favorite subject because I enjoy doing experiments and I have fun learning about the Earth, people, and the human body. Writing is another one of my favorite subjects because I like to free-write about events in my life. I also have a very good imagination which helps me to write creative stories. Art is one of my favorite subjects because I have a talent in drawing and sketching people. I like Gym because I enjoy athletic activities.

My hobbies include playing basketball, attending Gymnastics classes, drawing, and free-writing. I play basketball about five times a week at my afternoon-school program, HANAC. I have been doing Gymnastics on weekends for about five years. On my free time I also enjoy drawing. I especially like to draw Japanese-style cartoon drawings. Recently, I just started writing an autobiography book.

Three times a week, I volunteer in the school computer lab to help students with their problems on the computers. I want to continue helping people in this way when I get to Junior High School. I am not sure about what I want to be in the future but I would like to help people or children in any way that I am able to.

I thank all of my teachers from kindergarten until the present and the members of my family for encouraging me to succeed. I also thank the family of Christopher A. Santora for giving students like me the chance to win this award. We are very lucky to have had brave people like Christopher A. Santora in the world.

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