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Quadrina Noori:
2006 Winner
P.S. 122

Quadrina Noori

Winning Essay

In this essay I’m going to explain some good qualities our president should possess and some not so good qualities that our president shouldn’t possess. These qualities are all from my own opinion. These are some traits I feel a president should and should not possess.

The United States of America needs a trustworthy president. The people of the U.S. need to able to trust their presidents with their government and decisions. They need to believe that their president will do what’s best for everyone and not only for his image. I feel the president should be trustworthy because without trust the president would not have any connections with the people of the United States. For example, if a friend of yours betrays your trust, you will be afraid to tell them things or express your emotions. You wouldn’t want to be friends with them anymore. What I’m trying to say is if the president isn’t trustworthy then no one would be able to tell him anything. The government would not be able to trust him with their secrets. They wouldn’t know if he will do what’s best for the United States of America.

The president should be honest. Without honesty the people of the U.S. will feel like they have been lied to and betrayed. If the president lies and does things without notifying the government of the congress, no one will believe him. They might feel as if he is being dishonest about everything. For example, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, he starts off with a lie, followed by another lie and the people believe him and come and help him. But then they come to know he has lied both times. At the end when he was finally telling the truth no one bothered to believe him and he suffered from his own mistake.

Intelligence is a very important trait in a president. The reason for this is because the president needs to make good decisions and choices that will benefit everyone and everything. He needs to give smart speeches. Also he needs to have knowledge and control to help him run the white house along with all of the United States. For example, a school principal. He/she has control of everything that is going on in the school. He/she had the knowledge to know how to do all of this.

A president needs patience. He cannot want to do something and do it right away without notifying the others. He needs to have meetings, conversations and debates. Everyone needs to give their opinions toward the situation. He needs to have patients and wait for all of this before he can do it. For example, let’s say the president wants to rebuild the whole white house. He cannot just call up architects and construction workers and start the process of rebuilding without having consent of the government, congress, Supreme Court and all of the others involved. Another reason he can’t do things on his own is because he is not a dictator and doesn’t have absolute power over the United States. Therefore, everything is done by meetings, conversations and debates with everyone involved and a final decision.

The U.S. needs a courageous president. This is because we need a president who is not afraid to speak the truth and represent the nation through thick and thin. He needs to be able to stick to the right choice and stand by it no matter what. Also in case of a war he should be brave and well prepared for it.

The last thing the United States needs is a selfish and self centered president. He shouldn’t be thinking of himself but rather everyone else. Sometimes what may be right for him may be wrong for others. Not only could he be selfish for himself but he could be selfish for the whole U.S. because he is representing us. He needs to be friendly and fair to the other states and countries. That way he won’t attract enemies but rather friends.

A president shouldn’t be opinionated meaning not giving others a chance to share their thoughts and ideas because he thinks his are better. In order to be president you must share all of your thoughts and ideas with your fellow Americans and seek their ideas. For example, the president cannot say there’s going to be war without talking to the others and having their consent. He needs everyone’s opinions and afterwards make a final decision.

To have a lazy president is unacceptable. We need a president full of energy and who is able to react quickly to problems and situations. For example, if there is an attack, he cannot feel too lazy to get up and take action. He should be able to respond to it real quick and work on making things better.

In conclusion the United States of America needs trustworthy, honest, intelligent, patient, and courageous president. All of these characteristics combined make a very good president; an opinionated, selfish and lazy person is someone who would not make such a good president. Writing this essay has helped me realize the good and bad qualities a president should and should not have. This essay will help me in the future for when I am old enough to vote for my president of the United States of America.


My name is Quadrina A. Noori. I’m eleven years old. I love to go to school. My favorite subject is Social Studies. I like to cook and clean. My favorite sports are baseball and soccer. I’m also a very nice and friendly person. I love to laugh and hear jokes. I also like to study and keep my grades up. There is also a lot of things that get me apprehensive, like tests, bullies, and also thinking of my future.

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