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Sarah Mafroud:
2011 Winner
P.S. 122

Sarah Mafroud

Winning Essay

“Change we can believe in” those were the words that swept Barack Obama into the White House. In my opinion the definition of change is to make a difference. When President Barack Obama promised change in our country, it meant that he will be making a difference in everybody’s life.

In fact there have been many changes ever since Obama got elected to be our president. One change President Obama has made was the releasing of a major stimulus plan. This stimulus plan was approved by Congress in 2009. The purpose of this stimulus plan was to create tax cuts for working Americans and to create jobs. The plan also offered an extension of unemployment benefits, education and health care. I chose this change because this stimulus plan helped improve our economy by giving companies money in order to stay out of financial ruin. The plan also provided Americans with new education credits to encourage them to go back to school.

The second change President Obama has made was bringing home troops from Iraq. President Obama was against sending the troops to Iraq and being at war. President Obama feels that getting into war was a big mistake, while we should be focusing on our economic issues. Barack Obama’s plan was to bring the troops back little by little until they all come home. His goal is to have all troops home by the end of this year. I think this change is important to all Americans because many men and women of our armed services sacrifice their lives and never see their families again. Not only are our troops losing their lives in this awful war, but many people from Iraq have died, too. Fortunately, by this change President Obama saved lives of many soldiers who will soon be reunited with their families.

Obama promised us change, and we’ve seen many of them so far. For most, time and patience is key to see some growth in our economy.



My name is Sarah Mafroud and I am a student at P.S.122 Mamie Fay School. Currently I am fifth grader. I was born on February 10, 2000. I am now eleven years old.

I like to read a lot. My favorite books are in the Twilight Saga. When I have nothing else to do I usually pick up a book and start to read. My bookshelves are always filled with books I adore. Sometimes I head over to the public library to borrow a book I have never read before. Reading is something I love to do every day.

Another thing I like to do is talk on the phone with my friends and family. Usually I finish my homework then talk to my friends like Britney, Angeliki, and Georgia. After I am done talking to my friends I talk to my aunt, Raja. We laugh and talk about stuff that happened to us. Talking to friends and family is just something I enjoy.

I really dislike bugs and snakes. They just scare me. I remember one time in first grade our whole class went to Alley Pond Park. We went on a nature hike and got to look at animals. In the end we got to touch a couple of them. Our guide first brought out a rabbit. After the rabbit she brought out a turtle. Then she brought out a snake. I got scared as I watched the snake wrap around her arm. It freaked me out. I guess snakes are something I don’t like.

To be honest my favorite places to visit are Chicago and Morocco. Ever since I was young I loved to visit my aunt in Chicago. It was just a beautiful place. I played in her backyard with my brother and sometimes I rode a bike around the neighborhood. My aunt and I listened to our favorite music. We both loved pop music. I like Morocco because most of my family is there. Whenever I go there during the summer I always like to spend time with family.

In the future I hope to one day be a chemist. I love science and it is my best subject. I work really hard whenever we have science in school. I hope that one day my dreams will come true.


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