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Sophia Migias:
2015 Winner
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Sophia Migias

Winning Essay

Have you ever heard the words “Justice for all?” Well most students recite it every day in school. We have heard the words “Justice for all” during the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America. When I had first encountered this question, I realized that I had never thought about this question in my entire life. Everyone is so busy, that they don’t even realize about the most important things in life. Not money, or fame, but our freedom and the people who fought for our freedom. That’s why I have decided to write this essay. “Justice for all” means a lot to me. It means freedom, liberty, equality, and respect.

Freedom is one of the things that “Justice for all” means to me. Maybe “Justice for all” could mean freedom for all. I think this because, for a very long time, there has not been freedom in the world. Many people are fighting in wars where they have no freedom. Here in the United States of America we have freedom. Freedom is very important because, without freedom, we would be controlled and unhappy. We have freedom thanks to the important people who helped fight for us to achieve our freedom. Some people who fought for the freedom of our country were Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and many other patriotic citizens.

Furthermore, I also think that “Justice for all” could mean, equality for all. I think that because before those words were written many people were treated unfairly. Some examples of people who were treated unfairly were the Chinese, the enslaved Africans and the ladies. For instance, in 1849, during the making of the transcontinental railroad in America, many people came to America, including the Chinese. They were given the worst jobs such as, blowing up things in the way. To add on, the enslaved Africans were treated, very unfairly. They were separated and always treated without respect. They also could not vote or own property. Just like enslaved Africans, women also had less rights. They could not vote or own property either. I think those people, should be ashamed of themselves for treating these people that way. We are all different and we should not judge one another.

Finally, I think that “Justice for all” could mean respect for all. I think this because back then, many people did not respect one another. I don’t even think that they knew what respect was. Additionally, there were so many disagreements in the world that led to war. Many people lacked respect back then. We are lucky that we have respect today because without respect, we would be uncivilized people, and that is not good.

In conclusion, “Justice for all” probably means freedom, equality and respect. These three selections that I have chosen, are very important in one special way. These three characteristics are important for becoming a better country, just like the United States.



My name is Sophia Migias. I am 11 years old and I am in the 5th grade at PS 122. I was born in New York City. I have two brothers, a mom, and a dad that I love very much. I have a younger brother named Anastasi who is 9 years old and an older brother named Andreas who is 13 years old. Some of the games I like to play with my brothers are various board games and making imaginative creations with Legos. My favorite color is red. I like the color red because it is a very bright and bold color. During my spare time, I like to play various sports, sing, ride my bicycle and play various games with my two brothers. My favorite sports are soccer and baseball. I am very good at these two sports.  I also enjoy going bicycle riding with my family. I was so excited when my parents got me a new bicycle recently.

In school, my favorite subjects are Science and Social Studies. I like these subjects because I like to learn about the natural world around us as well as the events of our country’s history. I also love to read in my spare time. Some of my favorite books are, “When You Reach Me”, “Mr. Lemoncello’s Library”, and “Flora and Ulysses”. I also enjoy playing the piano. I have been learning how to play the piano for almost two years. I am looking forward to playing “America the Beautiful” at my recital this month. I also enjoy singing and last year I even had a solo in our fourth grade spring concert.

I am very proud of myself for winning such an important award and so is my family. I am so honored to have received this scholarship in memory of Christopher Santora. Even though I was not alive during 9/11, I understand the sacrifices that heroes, such as Christopher Santora, made on this tragic day in our nation’s history. I am especially proud to have won a scholarship honoring such a brave hero.

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