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Steven Nakhwal:
2007 Winner
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Steven Nakhwal

Winning Essay

Part 1

Not everybody in our society thinks that our elected officials are making the right decisions. Not everybody in our community thinks that our elected officials are making decisions that are beneficial for us. There are specific suggestions that I can make to help our elected officials make thoughtful and good decisions.

One specific suggestions that I would like to make is for our elected officials to take surveys. I believe our elected officials should take surveys because if they built a building, and nobody was interested in it, the cost of the building would be a waste. Also, all people have the right to choose what or what not to have in their city. The elected officials should know what their community wants and what they don’t. The elected official should create a survey that people in the society would take. It would show their opinion about what the elected officials have in mind.

The second suggestion that I would like to suggest for our elected officials is to compromise. Our elected officials should compromise after listening to both sides of an issue. For example, a newly opened school has asked parents to take surveys on whether or not the school should have uniforms, and the results come out to be fifty-fifty. Both sides of the problem have to get a little of what they want. So the solution would be compromising. The students would have to wear uniforms, but families could pick their own color. So now both sides get a little of what they want.

In conclusion, the elected officials should take decisions keeping the community in mind, They should make decisions that are beneficial to the people.

Part 2

Should lobbyist special interest groups be able to influence our elected officials?

No! Lobbyist should not be able to influence our elected officials. Lobbyists should not be able to influence our elected officials because they will only think about their own needs not about other people’s wants and needs. Lobbyists are people who are paid to influence the elected officials as well as public opinion. Most people are not happy with what they are receiving. A lobbyist has the role of influencing the laws being proposed. Since the law represents us, we should have the power to influence and enhance our laws. We do not need lobbyists to persuade us to vote for certain officials. We know what is right for us and we know what we need!


My name is Steven Nakhwal. I am 11 years old. My birthday is on July 25. That day I will turn twelve. I was born in United States of America. I speak two languages one Punjabi and the other English of course. Now I am in fifth grade next year I will be in sixth. My favorite color is Red and Blue. I best like hearing music, studying and playing outside. I also have great interest in mini motorcycles. I also like things that go fast, which is why I like motorcycles. I also am light brown and have brown eyes. And I also have black hair. I used to ride bicycles and now I ride skateboard. I also love playing basketball and baseball. I am 1 of the 3 smartest kids in my class.

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