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Tania Khan:
2008 Winner
P.S. 122

Tania Khan

Winning Essay

“Oh, Say Can You See: My America”

“…Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.”

Yes, can you see our flag, waving in the gentle breeze? This symbol has always stood there for us. Though we seem like a nation that has no flaws, there are always things that can be further improved to develop our nation into a dream home. There will always be problems, but we, as a family, have to address these issues and bring them into consideration. As a future voter, I won’t stand for a president who continues to push aside my ideas, but one who will work towards the America that today’s society wants.

If you’ve ever turned on the television, and flipped through the channels during the news hours, the Iraq War is constantly being mentioned. You see homes, families, and innocent people being blown up. It is a crucial issue that affects the lives of the Iraqis and the Americans. We can overlook the issue, but the violence doesn’t stop occurring. President Bush said that fighting the Iraq war would make America safer from the terrorists, but are we truly safer now? In a recent poll, 60% believe that the war has not made America safer. As a nation, support for the war has continued to decrease. This issue is important because in my eyes, there is no justice being done; both countries are suffering loss. Today, Iraq is more dangerous than it was years ago. This war has cost America more than 3,000 lives and billions of dollars. I cannot bear to see another person die because of a war that is meaningless. As a future voter, I believe that we should bring the troops home. Problems may arise as a result, but I am sure that we can get through them. When we have all the means necessary to change anything we put our minds to, why must we resort to violence and war?

When you open a magazine, it isn’t out the ordinary to see ads for donations to help the people who are suffering from natural disasters because of the sudden changes on Earth. Have you ever wondered why this is all happening? The answer is global warming. Global warming is caused by the industrial gases that are emitted into the air. Key causes of this issue are deforestation, industrialization and the burning of fossil fuels. Glaciers are melting, our world is being destroyed. This bothers me because we are bringing this upon ourselves. However, all hope is not lost, because we can stop global warming. Our next president can help save the Earth by conserving energy, and finding better ways to use our Earth’s resources without heating our planet. Every citizen can help, with the president enforcing the need to stop global warming; we can help stop the effects of this phenomenon.

In Texas and Arizona, it is common to see an illegal immigrant working in shops and stores. However, they continue to heavily affect our legal citizens. They are stealing jobs from the people who are living here legally. Since they work for low wages, owners get profits and hire them. Not only that, but they are trespassing onto our country’s land, which I believe is a violation of laws and ideals. Illegal immigrants also go on welfare, and this costs the legal citizens to pay for them through taxes. Why should we pay for someone who is living here illegally? The next president should take action by securing the border and there should be consequences if caught.

“…And the home of the brave.”

This line in the national anthem of the United States holds great meaning. If this statement is true, then together, our country is brave and strong enough to get through just about anything. Like the pages of a book, with every passing day, our country’s story is coming together with new ideas and numerous possibilities. With every turn of a page, a problem awaits. Our story is still being written and I believe that as a nation, we can come through with our happy ending. As a future voter, I want to make a difference in our country so that our nation can reach its potential. My vote is one for a better future; and in my eyes, the future is bright.


My name is Tania Khan. I was born on April 9, 1994 in New York City, New York and I have been living here ever since. I live with my sister, three brothers, and my parents. To my parents, I am still a little girl trying to grow up too fast. To my siblings I am a big sister, a role model and someone to look up to. To my friends, I am a fun loving and outgoing person who always has a smile on their face. But to me, I am just another individual, special and unique. I love to run, play sports, write poetry, volunteer and most of all, laugh. I am a published poet and author. I am currently a student at P.S.122Q Academy. It has become my second home. My teachers and friends are like family, always being there for one another no matter what. My experiences at this school are truly unforgettable. It is a part of me and as I enter high school I will treasure these memories forever.

Live. Laugh. Love. To me that’s what life’s about. It’s simply an adventure. So follow your dreams. Live. Every moment is precious, so don’t sit around looking unhappy. I live life as it comes, making the best of it. Laugh. It’s all about having fun and having no regrets. Most of all, love. What is the point of life without love? Without someone to catch you when you fall. Even all the riches in the world could not make a person as happy as love can. Make a lasting impression on the people you love because without them you are incomplete and they make you who you are. In life, there are ups and downs, good days and bad days, barriers, things stopping you. But you can’t let that pull you down. You have to get right back up and keep going. You have to keep climbing the staircase of life. Facing your fears and making the best of it. It’s a struggle at times, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Life’s all about following your dreams and then achieving it. So keep dreaming. Dream and achieve.

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