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Tecumseh Ceaser:
2008 Winner
CCC Queensview North

Tecumseh Ceaser

Winning Essay

The position of the President of the United States is arguably the most powerful position in the modern world. The President’s duties include, Commander in Chief, legislator, Chief Executive, and diplomat. The 2008 presidential race has been one that has been heavily focused on issues. Certain issues are of the utmost importance and should be tackled immediately. These issues are reforming the education system, the environment, and the Iraq war.

The United States education system is sadly in desperate need of reformation. Over the years, teachers have begun to base their curriculum on the material that will be on the standardized tests, rather than preparing students for the next stage of life, which is high school. Standardized testing is not the right way to measure students’ abilities. Each student is different and there is a multitude of factors that weigh in to how well they will perform on a test. Standardized tests do not take into account that the student may have a learning disability, is not a good test taker, or may be having a bad day and cannot focus. The goal of a school is to educate its students. If a student is doing well in school, a standardized test should not be the make or break point of a student graduating from school. If students are not at the level of learning the state requires, then the student is not at fault, but the system that is supposed to be educating them. The implications of the next President not addressing this issue would be a decrease in the quality of American education. This topic is important to me because I am a firm believer that children are our future and that a good education is the back bone of a good society.

Being one of the most powerful world powers, it is important that the United States take action against global warming and pollution. Even with this power to make a positive change, the Unites States is one of the top polluters in the world and has failed to be proactive in the situation. President Bush has openly denounced the Kyoto Protocol, which is an important global step to cutting down Greenhouse gases. Because of the current President’s sentiments, it is important for the next president to be the one to take the United States to an ecologically friendly place. The consequences for not acknowledging this issue would be global warming getting the best of Earth, with the United States having played a part in it. I chose the environment as something for the next President to handle immediately because as a world power, it is the United States’ responsibility to set a good example and stop being part of the problem and begin to be a part of the solution.

The Iraq war has been a waste of time, money, and resources that could be put to better use. It is important for the United States to evacuate as quick as possible. However, realizing that it is not wise to simply get up and leave, a strategic plan must be put in place. The United States should reform certain parts at a time then once there is an established government it will then be possible to move on to the next town or area. The next step would be to build up the police force and humanitarian services so American soldiers do not have to act as police and missionaries, which is often the case. Implementing these strategic movements will help build up the structure and allow the soldiers to pull out quicker yet not in vain. If the next President were to not address this issue immediately, then the United States will fall into an even bigger deficit. I chose this topic because a lot of money is being put into the war, which could be spent in other beneficial ways.

Other issues that should be on the President’s agenda are universal health care, the poverty level, and the reformation of the judicial system. These three topics are important to me because, they are limiting the equality and opportunities that should be granted to all American citizens. No matter who the next President of the United States may be, they have a long journey ahead of them.


We would like to wish Tecumseh Ceaser the best of luck moving on to Alfred University. Congratulations!

Hi, my name is Tecumseh Ceaser and I am 18 years old. I attend school at Bay Ridge Prep in Brooklyn and will be attending college at Alfred University next fall. I am looking forward to participating in my favorite hobbies at Alfred such as being on the equestrian team, archery, photography, and using their kilns in the ceramics department. My major will be business administration. I like to listen to music, play sports, hangout with my friends and go to parties and live life to the fullest. My hobbies include photography, snowboarding, drumming, horseback riding, archery, Native American dancing, playing pool, and some computer/tech stuff. At school, I do sound and lighting for the drama club. I also mentor for a group in Jackson height called T.R.E.A. (teens for racial and ethnic awakening), where teenagers from 14-22 years of age, talk about current events or topics that effect the community and our everyday lives.

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