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Thomas E. Staubitser:
2008 Winner
FDNY Engine 298

Thomas E. Staubitser

Winning Essay

Being the President of the United States is a task which holds a tremendous amount of responsibility. The President is elected into a position where he or she must make important decisions which will impact all Americans and the entire world. They must believe in, and stand by there decisions so they do not show any signs of weakness or indecisiveness to the people of the United States. These are two qualities that no citizen would ever want to see in their leader. This November, a new President of the United States of America will be elected into office by its citizens. Whether our next President is a Democrat, Republican or Independent, male or female, black or white, he or she must address important issues that are going to be left unfinished by President George W. Bush. What I believe to be the three most important things our next President must address immediately are the War in Iraq, our struggling economy, and the problem with immigration. These three topics are argued over every day and they need to be solved.

What is most debated about, in the United States, would have to be the War in Iraq. This ongoing war, with no easy solution, has brought about a lot of controversy within our country. Americans have not received an accurate answer from our current President, and as result of this, many arguments have been taking place. If this situation is not addressed immediately, there will be some definite implications. For example, a draft might be called from lack of military volunteers. Having a draft being called strongly concerns me. If there were to be a draft, many prospective college students, including myself, will be picking up deadly weapons instead of knowledge filled books. Another implication would be that citizens would become even more divided.

A second issue that our future President will need to address is our struggling economy. Right now the United States economy is heading towards a recession. People are losing their jobs, and having to foreclose on their houses. This decline in our economy affects all of the United States’ citizens. If not attended to soon, our economy will worsen. And what’s worse than a recession is a depression. More implications could be more foreclosures on property and more people out of work. All Americans would agree, a situation like this, would be tragic.

The third most important situation our next President will have to immediately address is immigration. Immigration is an issue that our country has faced for as long as I can remember. This issue has been fought over, put-off, and delayed for years. If the problems with immigration are not resolved there will be a continuous flow of undocumented, illegal immigrants. These undocumented people don’t pay taxes, but do contribute greatly to our nation’s workforce. But not all illegal immigrants come to our country as laborers. Not all come with intentions of contributing to our society. Some illegally travel over U.S. borders to sell products that can contribute to the crime in our nation. These undocumented people are also greatly affecting our economy. They do not pay taxes but use government services, paid for with tax dollars. This is unfair to citizens who pay the proper taxes and are entitled to these services.

To go along with what our future President must address immediately, are issues that our next President should think about for future consideration. The first should be a better healthcare system. This system should benefit all people, without sacrificing quality healthcare. A second issue the next President should tend to in the future would be our countries fuel situation. During the past few years, fuel prices have been rapidly increasing due to lack of fuel resources. I believe that we should keep researching and developing new alternatives to gasoline and oil. This could also greatly benefit our economy. A third issue that he or she should focus on is the topic of our ecology. Our environment has tremendously changed through-out the past decades. More research on global warming and environmental concerns could only benefit future generations.

All of what I have just written about is issues I believe to be very important when it comes to deciding our next President, as well as the future of our country. If these issues are not addressed, by the future administration, I believe the people of our country could become even more divided then they are now.


We would like to wish Thomas E. Staubitser the best of luck moving on to Hunter College. Congratulations!

I would like to start talking by thanking some very important people. My parents, their continuous support and guidance through out the years has been never ending, Thank you for keeping me on track, encouraging me and for pushing me forward when I felt like quitting.

Now onto myself. My name is Thomas Staubitser and I am 18 years old and the oldest of four children. I attended East Hampton High School and fulfilled all the requirements to graduate early. Since graduating in January of 2008, I have been working two jobs and saving for my college expenses. During my years in high school I played a variety of sports and participated in a few clubs. I was on the football, wrestling, and lacrosse teams as well as in the film and surf clubs.. When I was not participating in these extracurricular activities, I was surfing. The last three summers I worked in several restaurants, a surf shop and was an ocean lifeguard for The Town of East Hampton.

Surfing has always been important to me. I started surfing when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Over the years I traveled with my family and friends to many great surf spots. Surfing keeps me in shape, relieves stress and relaxes me. You could call it “my therapist.” It also got me interested in the film industry. Watching surf films has inspired me to write a few of my own films as well as study film in college.

In August I will start my first semester at Hunter College in Manhattan. I am extremely excited about going to school and living in New York City. I will be studying both film production and business. I hope to someday break into the film industry and produce my own films. Perhaps documentaries of surf trips around the world. But until that time I will keep studying and working hard.

And finally, I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Santora and their family for their generosity and hard work. Their efforts have given many students the opportunity ease the expense of attending college. I am very honored to have been chosen for this scholarship and very thankful to all those involved.

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