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Youssef Azzam:
2008 Winner
I.S. 10

Youssef Azzam

Winning Essay

As a future voter, I expect to see great change in the way our country is governed. It is very important for me to see America rising up and being successful. I hope to see many positive changes.

I would like to see a better economy. We are in great danger of going into a recession, which would mean a great fall of the American dollar. We cannot afford that now since the American dollar is already very low. We should put more thought into our investments in our own country and other countries. The new American president should come up with a strategy to keep America from owing too much money to other countries. We should try to lessen our deficit spending. The new president should also try to give tax cuts to the middle class so they have more spending money to help invest in the economy. Health care should be provided to all people that really need it. The upper class should help contribute to the needs of the lower class, even if it only has to be in non-profit organizations such as clubs and after school sports for children. We should do all we can to help people be willing to bring our economy out of a downfall.

Currently, there are many immigrants in the United States. You may hear a lot of people saying, “Deport them! They take all our jobs!” However, do you think that these people that complain about the immigrants will be willing to wash dishes and clean people’s houses? I really don’t think so. Without immigrants that are willing to work so hard and do all the dirty jobs that know one else thinks they are low enough to do, America would have a really hard time surviving. We need the immigrants. If American citizens believe that illegal immigrants are the cause to all our problems, the new president should do all that is in his/her power to keep the immigrants busy and happy with their lives so they will never have to resort to violence and crime.

Another important issue to me is the proper solving of issues between countries without starting any conflict that will cause pain and death. The new president should bring together a great United Nations that has never been put together before. The UN should stand up for its name and show that it can have the power to solve conflict with only its peacekeepers as its soldiers. No guns, no tanks, and no bombs!

I will have great expectations for the new president. It is greatly possible that my concerns are similar to the concerns of many American citizens. We would all like to have a new president that is willing to compromise with his people. It would be very important for a president to address our concerns.


When it comes to writing about yourself, your mind goes blank. The hardest thing for a person to do is write about themselves. Well… during my life, I experienced many things. These things contributed to the person I am today. My experiences helped me to become a better person in society.

I was born on March 15, 1994 in New York City. I have always lived in New York City, and I really enjoy life in the big city. Living in New York taught me a lot of things. Being such a culturally diverse place, I learned a lot of moral issues from living here. Also, my parents took it to their responsibility to make sure that they instilled important values that I would follow throughout my life.

For fun, I like to do numerous things. I play a lot of sports. My favorite sports are basketball, soccer, swimming, and Olympic wrestling. I enjoy spending time with my friends. We spend most of our time at the basketball court or at the movie theatre. I love going on vacations with my family. My mom and dad have taken us to so many great places that I will never forget. I enjoy spending time at the beach with my whole family. I enjoy fishing with my dad and hanging out with my older sister. I love to sit around with my mom and spend some mother-son time. The most fun part about these vacations is spending time with my family.

My life is not that extravagant to anyone else, but it suits me well. I am very thankful for everything I have and plan to strive hard to get a hold of what I want. Everything that I learned in life will be used to its best to help me succeed and reach my goals, whatever they may be in the future.

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